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Found 4 results

  1. Pvc rig simul8r

    Selling a simul8r design 2” pvc rig that i used for a few months. Cost me around $400 to build Seat is not included but can be sourced at local junkyard Craigslist or eBay has some cheap racing seats Pick up in nj $250 obo
  2. I am looking for any ideas on making a diy tv stand. It has to be height adjustable and sit over my steering wheel. Before I moved into my new place, i had a 42" tv mounted on a adjustable arm. With the cockpit placed pedals against the wall, I could move the tv about 25" from my face, just ahead of the t500rs which gave me pretty good experience with realistic fov, Now I am wanting a semi-temporary (cheap) solution in my new place without drilling any holes in my walls before i upgrade to VR. I was thinking of something out of pvc? are there any plans out for a diy tv stand or another cheap solution. My cockpit is similar in style and dimensions as the GT Omega (metal frame, seat pedals and steering wheel connected to that frame)
  3. Hello guys, this is my first ever post on the Forum. I´m Leonardo from Argentina. I´ve been trying to build my own rig for so many time and I finally did. I started this project as something I didn´t think I could do, because it seemed so difficult!, but as I bought the materials to build it I started feeling that it was possible The main idea came from SIMUL8R´s design from de internet, and i thought i would give it a try. Many of my previous designs were made out of wood and i didn´t have the tools needed to do that, so i needed something easier and less time consuming. PVC is a very cheap material and also is very easy to build with because you can buy tons of elbows ,T´s and 45 degrees.. I will share a video I just filmed to show you guy´s the main idea and work in progress. It´s not edited or anything like that but im open to questions and suggestions based on my experience building this rig. Rough list of materials: 6 Metres of 2 1/2" PVC PIPING 16 PVC T´s 12 90º PVC elbows Couple of PVC cupplers 1 - 130cm x 58cm MDF 3 pieces of MDF for Pedals, Wheel and Shifter ( Not measured yet) 11 4" bolts with nuts for holding these 3 mdf pieces to the PVC 4 1.5" bolts and nuts for holding the seat to the MDF base 5 metal clamps and screws to hold the pvc structure to the mdf base 2 clamps for hoolding the monitor to the PVC frame A big ammount of self-threading 3/4" inch metal screws for holding each part of the pvc together (DONT GLUE, WILL REGRET) Tools I used: DREMEL 3000 with cutting disc for cutting the PVC, drill bit for drilling holes for the metal screws. Bigger power drill for making the big holes for the 4 inch bolts trough the wood and pvc. Couple of wrenches to tighten the bolts and nuts (depends on size and shape of bolt head). I used number 11 hex Wrench Philips Screwdriver and Flathead Screwdriver Measuring Tape (essential) Lots of patience and good music ! It works amazingly well, its solid, even on drifting sessions when you oversteer a lot!. Don´t mind my totally unaesthetic and homemade e-brake that you will see in the video , but im proud to say it works VERY WELL... I apologize for the noise in the back of the video , but it´s raining heavy and there are a lot of buses passing trough at thits time of day. If you guy´s request i dont mind making some other video to explain something i missed on this one. Hope to read some feedback !!! Good vibes and good racing from Northern ARGENTINA...Cheers..
  4. So I had recently built a PVC rig that I posted on here a while ago (Boredom Build) and that worked OK for the time being. Well I recently moved into a new house and decided it was time to upgrade. So I sold my old 458 Spyder wheel and pedals as well as the PVC rig to another gamer near by through Craigslist and he loved and I was glad I could someone else started into the sim racing, only time before he starts upgrading like me haha. So I had a league race on Tuesday and quickly threw together a wheel stand made out of Melamine board and some reinforced L brackets to give it some rigidity but still would flop and move and the weight of my TX wheel base made it want to fall towards me anytime I was using it. So last night me and a buddy put together a drawing, parts list, and tools to go buy and make a base for the pedals and the wheel stand to sit on. Did everything right except when putting it together I flip flopped how the boards screw together and threw me off for a little bit until I improvised and came up with the idea that you see in the pictures. I still need to finish filling out the inside part with Melamine board but came together well. Very poorly put the pedals in a place with screws and metal plates to hold them in place until I get the M6 screws in the right length to secure it to the boards. After sanding and putting felt pads where needed I came up with this. I bought the chair from walmart for 20 dollars and found some rubber furniture feet to keep it from sliding and worked out perfectly so that I can even adjust the height of the chair for anyone else who wanted to try it out (which is everyone that comes over). Soon I will finish out the base as I am buying a Recaro seat with sliders from a guy on Craigslist and can get that to sit comfortably with the wheel and pedals. Once I finish all of that Im going to try and wrap it with some fabric or something similar to cover and holes and mistakes I made on the wood and melamine so that everything looks clean and crisp and then start to customize it a bit more. Enjoy! Any comments or ideas would be great!