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Found 15 results

  1. Seven Motorsport Youtube Channel

    Do you have simracing videos to share? Visit r/RacingVideos, especially created to share your simracing videos. https://www.reddit.com/r/RacingVideos/ In this thread I'll post my you-tube video's. My channel is the only Dutch Forza related one out there. I mainly upload league races, but occasionally I'll upload non league races as well. I recently started commentating my videos, so be sure to check them out. I race using a Thrustmaster TX wheel. Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdCoGC8dXTQM50lNZlUMTUw Twitter: https://twitter.com/7_MotorSport Latest videos:
  2. I am selling Logitech G27. Upgrading to something else. It's excellent condition and all works fine. Include wheel, shifter, pedal and power supply. And the buyer will get redeem code for Forza horizon 3 standard edition. Never redeemed. You can get Forza horizon 3 Deluxe edition additional $10, and $20 additional for Ultimate edition. (If you want other xBox game, let's talk about it) Does NOT include the seat in the picture. Price is $245. Without Forza, it's $210. Buyer will pay PayPal fee and I will pay shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. Forza Horizon 3 t300/tx PC FFB

    Hey guys, I've got the t300 with 599 rim and i got confused with the new added ffb settings. I run 100% strenght, but i can't figure out how to change the 2 new added sliders, to meet my expectations. I would like it to feel as realistic as possible. Could you help me out and add the properly tuned settings that you run? Btw, in control panel i go with 75 100/100/100/0. Any help would be much appreciated as I am kind of new to racing simulators and racing games like forza in general. Please don't tell me to find them on my own, because I lack experience and wouldn't know right from wrong.
  4. Hi For sale is our static triple screen set-up running Forza 4 (can also be hooked up to a PC) Trakracer RS8 Frame + Single TV Mount Mirco RS2 FIA Approved Race Seat (Adjustable Sear Slider) Fanatec CSR Racing Wheel (PC / Xbox 360) Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals Fanatec Shifter (H-Pattern & Sequential) 3 x Xbox 360's 3 x Forza 4 Game All cables and LAN connections included 3 x Panasonic 32" LED TV's Rseat Triple TV Stand Few other Xbox 360 games included. Can also be set-up for triple screen PC racing. UK buyers only. It's up for sale on Ebay for £1695.00, but if sold through ISRTV we would happily sell it for £1500.00 (and give 10% of the fee to ISRTV to help continue their excellent work to our community!) Collection only. Thanks.
  5. Okay. Just got a fanatec CSR Elite. Great Wheel. Just looking for some suggestions on the wheel and game settings for Project Cars if you all would be so kind I checked the forums and I can't find a similar topic (surprisingly) hence starting one here. Cheers, Mark.
  6. PlaySeat Evolution Forza Edition Like new PlaySeat Evolution Forza Motorsport Edition. Only used for 3 months. Includes mounting holes for use with any modern wheel and pedal sets. (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Madcatz, etc.) Also includes add-on shifter mount that can be mounted left or right of the seat depending on your preference. This is a very solid rig that is great entry level rig for use with any XBOX, PlayStation, or PC setup. Asking $350
  7. rSeat GTR V2 sim racing frame with Corbeau Forza bottom mount seat Black Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel PC/XBOX360/PS3 Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals with inversion kit PC/XBOX360/PS3 Listing my friends spare sim rig for sale. Bought for his wife, she got motion sick sim racing, so most of the gear has very little use/wear. Everything is in perfect working order. Smoke free house. Wants to sell as a bundle before parting out. Local pickup and cash only. Might be able to deliver depending on location. $700 takes it all.
  8. Wanted to share my latest creation - an epic video dedicated to Porsche in Forza Motorsport 6. Please give me your feedback on what you thought of the video. Cheers. Also this is my first time back on these forums in a long time so I've got a lot of catching up to do but I'm a guy who appreciates other peoples content. Will be sifting through to check out peoples video creations and photography. You'll be seeing a lot of me around from now on, giving feedback and getting involved. Also look out for my photography and other videos (real life & sim) coming soon. Great to be back!
  9. selling my lightly used Fanatec CSR Forza Motorsport wheel. Comes with all the original cables/cords as well as the shifter mounting rods, csr sequential shifter, table clamp/mount. I bought this new and i am realizing I barely ever use it! Asking 150 + shipping for the wheel.
  10. Greetings sim racing fans and information gurus, I have been playing racing games for years (chalk that up to Gran Turismo and my father) but feel I've been sucked into the want for something different and more fun/immersive. While I've had great fun with a controller, after playing on a friends T300rs on his playstation I have been trying to gather up all the info I would need to have to put together a great starter rig and sim setup. So far I'm looking at the following for my Xbox one. Looking for any input from the folks around here be it the novice to the pro. Definite: Wheel - Thrustmaster TX Wheel stand of some sort be it manufactured or home built Possible: GTE wheel Pedals - Thrustmaster t3pa pro Shifter - Thrustmaster th8a Playseat Alcantera I love the idea of the playseat but at $400+ it seems like a heft investment, especially when I have a DX Racer desk chair and could easily either build a wheel stand or get a wheel stand pro (they seem kinda lame but it's the best I could find) (I'll probably end up picking up a t300rs if/when a new gran Turismo comes out so I'll need a stand capable of swapping wheels) Anywho thanks to anyone who has any input towards my setup.
  11. Barely used Thrustmaster 458 Spyder wheel and pedals. Only used about 8 times for Forza 5 and Project Cars. Everything is in almost mint condition, no scratches, scuff, or cracks anywhere. Still have original box to ship in. All cables and connections included. (seat and rig not included)
  12. My Name is Nick C and I live in the Boston Area. I have an XBOX One and am planning on purchasing a complete rig this monday. I just want to reach out for some advice… All of my research points to this community as the best in the sim racing business. So far here is what I have on deck to order: TX Wheel and GT add on Wheel. Are a given…. (I just cant wait for fanetec,let alone deal with their customer service, not to mention the philosophy of requiring an "invite" to spend my money is unamerican and disgusts me.) But I have some questions the rest of the set up. Mainly 2 things. 1. My rig 2. Pedals Should I go thrustmaster t3pa or pro? Is there that much of a difference? And should I get the fanetec pedals instead with the CRX mod? Does that set up work with project cars and forza? And does it require a great deal of tinkering? With regards to the rig, I have found two options that fit my need (xbox one and a single attached tv stand) I have decided on this model http://www.amazon.com/GTR-Racing-Simulator-Driving-Cockpit/dp/B005CLU138 I was wondering if you knew anything about this rig? And could give me a thumb up/down on the purchase, as it is a significant one. Also, if anyone else has some advice on setting up a decent XBOX one rig, I am all ears. I plan on becoming a serious member of the online console racing community in the next week…your input is extremely valuable. -Nick Gamertag: DicholasRAGE
  13. I'm new to driving with a wheel. I've had my TX since Saturday. Here is my issue: I'm playing Forza Horizon 2. I have the standard 2 pedal set that comes with the Thrustmaster TX. I've changed the shifting to manual in FH2 settings but it is still auto shifting. The on screen controls show an image of the wheel and pedals as if it were a 3 pedal set (w/ clutch). Can someone explain to me how I actually get the game to manually shift and whether I need a clutch to do that. Thanks. * I know this is a rudimentary question but I'm completely lost at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  14. I know most of you on here are into your proper sim racers but for the people who play forza: I am the manager for a small team on Forza Motorsport 5. We mainly tune and paint cars for the community. We also hold leagues, Hot lap competitions, photocomps, plus much more. We have our own forum in which we have almost 1200 members so it would be good to see some of you from here get involved. we are very well known in the community and also by turn 10. We are a good bunch of people so please make yourselves at home. Www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org Full list of the Official Pendulum Tuning members and their roles can be found in the link below: Pendulum Tuning Roster thanks Carl (Admin / Manager) Forza Motorsport 5 Open Source Tunes @ www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org Drift
  15. Ola, folks I am very specifically looking for a used Fanatec CSR racing set (Steering wheel + shifters + pedals). or at least the wheel and the pedals. Should be good condition. Please do mention the following: how old is it, how many hours of play has gone into it, and any damage/cracks/operational issues (if any). And the price of course. Help!