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Found 75 results

  1. Hi. Im Dezsni and I am making my own very simple dashboard for Project Cars 2 using an Arduino Uno and a small Nextion display. I have very little experience with Arduino or Nextion and I'm asking if any of you can help me get started with creating a dashboard. I have tried making it by myself, but I do not know how to start and how to receive information from PC2 and convert it to commands that the nextion display would understand. I cannot use simdash or any programs like that, I have to make everything from scratch and that's where the problems start, because of no experience and little arduino programming knowledge. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey guys looking to add a shifter mount to my wheel stand pro for thrustmaster tx. I have seen the RGS add on but 100$ seems a bit steep for a piece of metal with a plate. I had the idea of mocking one up in PVC but wanted to see if others have had any success doing it any other way or if there are any tutorials or plans that exist currently. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
  3. A Touring Car Sim build v1

    Hi all from another Aussie on the forums in Perth. I've been browsing a little while now, since I got a set of the Samsung Odyssey VR goggles. After a bit of research, I then ordered the Thrustmaster T300 GT RS set , which led me to wanting g to build a cockpit (I've already built a number of flight Sim cockpits). I looked at the designs and although they were good, but I wanted something different, I thought it had to at least look similar to a car cockpit. So I used our Touring cars (Bathurst 1000 racing) as my "style" I also just happen to have a CNC with Aspire software in my garage so i started to design.... I styled the front to look like a touring car, (falcon or commodore) with a southern cross logo on the front with the seat going to have the HDT lion and helmet. (I haven't built the seat yet), I decided on the logo because its a good design and one I can do on my CNC. I made a few mistakes so far which I fixed some last night, moving the wheel back 200mm. This is a prototype I may sell it and make another. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. The third image is my being impatient and testing before I put a seat in, glad I did as the wheel was too far back (more laid back like an F1.) I wanted more upright. I sat a few friends down with the CAR goggles on and I think the screams said it all.(from the ladies), the guy who tried (Mitch 20) said "Wooooow, this is the shit, love it" So this weekend I move it to the downstairs lounge before the wife realises, and work out a good way of covering it when not in use. I think getting everyone to try it also it to the wife.... For once I have a degree of WAF.
  4. Hello everyone Sooo, i have a Thrustmaster T300RS and i'm on my way into building a GT3/GTE car style steering wheel, and in this wheel i will have these things implemented: 1. Push buttons 2. ON/OFF toggle switches 3. Rotary encoders with push function all of this connected to a LEO BODNAR BBI-32 board But my plan is, when i'm racing online and i would like to switch the wheel depending on the car, so i will either use the GT steering wheel or the Thrustmaster steering wheel, the problem with this is, when i will use the Thrustmaster wheel i won't have acces to all the buttons i've put in the GT steering wheel. (yes i knwo the thrustmaster has buttons too, but thats not what i'm looking for here, plus if i would like to use the button on the thrustmaster steering wheel i would have to assign every button everytime i switch the wheel) I hope i havent lost you unntil here. So my plan is i would build a button box with the same configuration of buttons just like the GT steering wheel, so when i will use the Thrustmaster wheel i will have the button box to adjust all the things i will assign the buttons, and when i switch to the GT wheel i won't use the button box because i will have all of my buttons in the steering wheel. And my question is this: HOW DO I MAKE THE GT STEERING WHEEL AND THE BUTTON BOX TO '' ACT LIKE THEY ARE 1 '' ?? Because for example a button function like '' pit limiter '' a can not assign two different buttons too make it work!!!! I do all of this because i like to have a rouund wheel and a GT style steering wheel Thnx for any one who will help And if you have any other question, don't hesite to ask
  5. I just purchased the Evolution, and it's quite uncomfortable. I'm assuming it's from being in such a forward position. Any owners who have previously modded their seat to help it recline, or any ideas as to how to do so while keeping it sturdy? I was debating on putting metal plates above the playseat base where the chair bolts to, like starting with longer pieces and steadily going shorter to keep constant contact with the "base". like 8", 6", 4", 2" or whatever i decide to come up with. If anyone has any better ideas that'd be much appreciated!
  6. DIY AMG GT3 Wheel

    Hi everybody, I create this topic in order to follow the progress of my DIY wheel for Thrustmaster TS PC. As for the F1 steering wheel that I already made, I go on a base aluminum cutting and 3D printing for the remaining components. The goal is to reproduce the steering wheel of the AMG GT3 (2016 version) based on Assetto corsa model - Front Plate + Rear cover + paddles in aluminium - Magnetic shifter in 3D printing - Quick Release Thrustmaster in 3D Printing - Handles in 3D printing - Buttons and electronics: Arduino Nano for Thrustmaster emulation + Ebay buttons - Alu washers for the outline of the buttons The wheel is almost finished now ( remaining some electronic wiring)
  7. VR Cockpit Desk

    I built this VR Cockpit Desk primarily for flight sim games but I also plan to use my Thrustmaster Racing Wheel/Pedals to try out some VR racing games this Xmas. https://www.instructables.com/id/VR-Cockpit-Desk/ Ken
  8. Hey everyone, I am waiting for my Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 (2017 one) to ship and while waiting, I wanted to get my wheel stand ready. The products I am going to use are: Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 Fanatec CSL pedals with LC Fanatec Css Sq v1.5 Shifter What I am looking for here are the solutions, diagrams to build a collapsible wheelstand strong enough to withstand the weight of all these components. I'll use my office chair as a seat. Maybe later on I'll go for a full rig with a cockpit but for now, I'll have to do with this. Do any one of you have such diagrams or help me in any way? Thanks a bunch!
  9. Hi there! I am Robert from the Netherlands, 36 years of age and a complete newbie at the sim-racing scene, but always had the urge of building a sim-rig one day. It's a bucket list thingy I spend a long time searching for possible ways to build a decent and cool looking sim-rig until i stumbled upon OpenSimrig Supersport designs which blew me away! I just had to build a rig like that! I haven't got a clue where to start with measurements and/or sizes of rigs so because extrusion material is very expensive i decided to contact Steve from OSR and bought his plans for calculation of materials needed and basic instructions.Steve helped me out great so i could get started right away. As for the build, it's a 40 series based on the SuperSport evolution, extra wide version and with full bracing. i am trying to make it a one-off with some custom touches. well see how things go along the way. Just started the build so it's not finished yet but here is the progress so far, hope you like it. extrusion alu arrived and cut to specific
  10. Hi guys n00b poster here I did a search but couldn't find anything. Has anyone fabricated a seat stand for use with a Wheel Stand Pro v2? I originally thought a Wheel Stand Pro v2 in front of a kitchen chair would be enough of a rig for me but it's not, I'm hankering for a better seat position. If this setup was just for me then I would totally just buy a Ricmotech APX500 Bare Chassis then throw a seat on it but my 44" and 50" tall kids love to play as well so I need something with the flexibility of the Wheel Stand Pro until my kids are taller.
  11. Open Wheel / F1 Platform

    Hello all, First a little about myself. I'm a senior aerodynamicist for a leading F1 team and whilst I haven't been actively involved in sim racing per say I am occasionally involved in development work on the simulator at work from time to time! Having spent some time on this recently it got me wondering about mainstream simulation and how high fidelity this was compared to what I am used to on the professional scene. I stumbled across this site and was very surprised to see that whilst there are a huge number of home-brew platforms out there (some of which are excellent), there is little or no support for an F1 style rig. Given that there does appear to be some interest in this style of racing I thought I would spend a few hours and see if I could come up with a set of plans for making an F1 / Open Wheel cockpit. First I drew a generic monocoque based on the current FiA regulations. These regs are freely available on the FiA website so anyone with any CAD surfacing ability could generate this surface if they wished. I'll also make it clear at this point that whilst this will be close in surface to most cars on the current grid it is in no way a like for like copy of my current teams geometry. That would get me in a world of trouble! This generic chassis is the first image below. My intention is to make a slot together frame work that mimics this shape which could either be left as a frame or then be covered in some form of flexible sheeting such a ply or acrylic/perspex etc. I chose some nominal sizes for the frame based on what looked sensible and what is commonly available and decided that this frame would be constructed from 12mm sheet material with the spa's and ribs approximately 40mm deep. The CAD model I've created is parametric so these dimensions can be changed very easily and everything updates. With this decided I then shelled the generic chassis to this 40mm dimension. This is the second picture. A 40mm wall thickness is considerably deeper than what is possible using composite structures so whilst the outer surface is good, the inner surface is now quite a bit smaller than a current car so it might make getting pedals and so on in here tricky. Still the model is very easy to adjust so we can come back to that later. Using the shelled model we can then throw in a series of ribs at sensible locations such as bulkheads, changes in section etc. This is picture three. And then the same for spas. This is picture four. Note that at this point I've switched to a half car model. I figure by building the framework in 2 halves, seats and pedals etc. can be fitted to one half and then the second half bolted to the first to sandwich them in place. This will make it much easier than threading these components in to a one-piece assembly through the cockpit entry. To make the monocoque easy to assemble, the spas and ribs are then half slotted on each side so they slide into each other. The idea would then be these could be screwed / glued together. Pictures five and six show this slotting detail. Picture 7 shows the ribs and spas fully assembled and also mirrored so the final framework can be seen along with a floor piece. The ribs and spas are all simple prismatic shapes with no clever contouring etc, this means they could be made by anyone with hand tools by sticking the plans onto the sheet material and cutting around the outline. Equally they could be CNC'd or laser cut as required if you had the proper .dxf files. The frame at this point could be used as is. Or it could be skinned. The final image shows what a simple skinning would look like. Note: These skins are 3mm thick and the ribs and spas are drawn to accept this thickness of material. You will see that this simple skinning only covers the main surfaces and not the corner detail which would be very difficult to bend sheet material round. To fully cover the frame becomes increasing difficult from a simple plan perspective and outside the remit of what I set myself to do but obviously anyone with the inclination could use foam block etc. to fill in the areas left behind. The level of finishing you could go to could be anything you wished for depending on how important it was to you or what you DIY ability is! This is just a very simple rough-up that tooke no more than a few hours to put together but I would be keen to hear peoples thoughts on this style of construction or whether there is any interest in this style of platform. Kind regards, Sy
  12. Fanatec CSR wheel adapter

    Hello, I have a fanatec CSR wheel, along with pedals and shifter. I also have a diy hydraulic handbrake, that I modded to the wheel. It isn't exactly hydraulic, just uses an on/off switch to engage the e brake. Anyways.... Since I have been back to sim racing, I have finally come to the conclusion that the CSR wheel is literally built for a child. It's a great wheel setup, but the wheel is an oversized Nintendo wii wheel , lol. I have found the wheel that I would like to use. For those that are curious, it's just a basic 320mm deep dish wheel from eBay. Who cares, I'm just here to to play and enjoy the thing. Now for the kicker, I need a wheel adapter ( http://simracinghardware.com/product/fanatec-wheel-adapter/ ) in order to mount a 70mm wheel to it. And this being a budget build, and me being anxious, I would rather not wait until this shipped from the across the pond. So, has anybody 3D printed off a wheel adapter for the CSR? I know it's an old wheel, but I've seen plenty of 3D printed adapters for G/27 wheels. Any and all help will be appreciated.
  13. Fanatec CSR wheel adapter

    Hello, I have a fanatec CSR wheel, along with pedals and shifter. I also have a diy hydraulic handbrake, that I modded to the wheel. It isn't exactly hydraulic, just uses an on/off switch to engage the e brake. Anyways.... Since I have been back to sim racing, I have finally come to the conclusion that the CSR wheel is literally built for a child. It's a great wheel setup, but the wheel is an oversized Nintendo wii wheel , lol. I have found the wheel that I would like to use. For those that are curious, it's just a basic 320mm deep dish wheel from eBay. Who cares, I'm just here to to play and enjoy the thing. Now for the kicker, I need a wheel adapter ( http://simracinghardware.com/product/fanatec-wheel-adapter/ ) in order to mount a 70mm wheel to it. And this being a budget build, and me being anxious, I would rather not wait until this shipped from the across the pond. So, has anybody 3D printed off a wheel adapter for the CSR? I know it's an old wheel, but I've seen plenty of 3D printed adapters for G/27 wheels. Any and all help will be appreciated.
  14. Dont hate me.. I combined the two! Does this make my sim games feel arcadie? lol. It had to fit the theme of the room. And it's far enough along to call "done". But there are a lot more gauges and LED indicators I would like to install. I made a video of it in its current state and would like to share it. I have lots of photos as well, of the build process.. There is a thread "Hydro Thunder sim Cockpit, the build thread". But it has been Archived and closed? So I'll get to the build photos later but for now here is my custom arcade racing machine in its current state . Its all Fanatec controls.. CSR wheel and Clubsport pedals and shifter. My shifter is the H shift only version. The switchable unit was 2 month backorder when I bought it over a year ago. But I love in nonetheless. My button controls are read by a Symprojects JC32 and my gauge control is Symprojects ProGauge. Their products are awesome. And have great support.
  15. My sim - THE WHALE

    This Project is currently on Hold for a few months. It is roughly half complete. Everything was built using hand power tools. Most materials were cheap, excluding plexiglass and vinyls. I'm choosing the VR route, so triples won't apply for my rig. Not getting into details this time around ,but stay posted. PS: Do you like my plexiglass Air foil? Its connected to my G29 brake pedal. Works as a brake light It Glows Red, or any other color programmed.
  16. Started with Steve Spenceley's basic f1 cockpit plans and let it evolve naturally
  17. Ive included some of my build pics, it did not occur to me i would be posting my build until it was done w\and came out so nice costs $70 in pine and 2x4s, nails 2in and 4in $60 seat, got it out of a u pull it yard out of an 90's acura integra $40 in stain and lacqur $10 leds with MANY colors w/ remote build took me about 2 days to complete. all tho it will never be complete seeing how there is always something i could add. i chose to reverse mount the peddles because the oem mount style never felt real to me plus not they so not move around. my pc is a custom build i did end of last yr gtx 1060 overclocked 6gb video card, i7 7600k 4.0 possessor, 16gb of ram. i have only been sim racing for a few months not but im already addicted. i currently racing on a g29 with H shiftier, and also own a g27 full set. on the rig i am using the g29 wheel paired with the g27 shiftier and peddles with no issues. P.S. the only real reason i am posting my rig is to thank everyone on this site for there great ideas and help with my build. thank you all and i hope you enjoy the build.
  18. Hi Sim Racers, so I've been thinking up this Sim Racing Rig / Desk PC. It's in initial stages of design, and don't mind the Posters on the wall, just a little fun. I would like to know your input on this design. The main Idea is to have one computer that deals with everything, so I don't have the need of getting a second one and having everything a bit sleeker, and I wanted a fully car looking and feeling simulator, but with a wooden dashboard, more details below. Updates: 3D Video Tour of the Rig Concept: Changed the setup to 1 ,about 40", monitor for the workstation (showing off the Dynamic lighting behind it that I want to incorporate). Added a proper cooling solution (I would like to know if it is good to just have 1 big, slow rotating and silent fan as intake or better several smaller ones, having the side effect of having a louder cooling) also adding dust filters in the final rig. Added buttonboxes, gauges, SIM RACING RIG The Sim Rig section will run from the Desk PC section, more of that below, it's probably going to have a T500RS base, reverse mounted Clubsport V3 pedals, TH8RS shifter, DIY hydraulic handbrake, DIY button box, also planing on putting a BMW gauge cluster in the dashboard section of the Rig, probably going to use a real car seat, and at last I'm going to use some transducers to shake everything up a little and probably rear traction loss motion since I love Drifting. DESK PC The Desk PC section is going to be a water cooled computer inside the desk with hidden RGB LED's around the brim of the glass table top, maybe a Corsair K85 for added LED's, not sure what hardware it's gonna have as I'm still going to take a while till I have enough money to make this happen. My idea is not to actually have 6 monitors connected, that would be overkill, In this design though I was thinking of getting a triple monitor mount that is going to be mounted with an arm to the wall and I could move the monitors from the PC section to the Sim Racing section, this idea is too crazy though, not sure if it is profitable because the setup time of moving the monitors from PC section to Sim Racing section, would be too high and probably quite annoying. So I though to just connect a 4th and bigger monitor for the PC section, but since I'm really used to having a multi-monitor setup maybe it's going to be an ultra-wide monitor. Also I am going to use a VR headset when I can get the opportunity to buy them. CABLE MANAGMENT The actual cables from the computer hardware is going to be channeled under the piece of wood where the motherboard is mounted to, so the motherboard, harddrives, fans, etc are going to have a hole underneath them where the cables go in directly and emerge under the motherboard, the table is basically going to have 2 compartments over each other, that's why its also so thick. cables for monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers are going going in directly through the back of the desk into the hidden compartment and then up to the motherboard/amps/circuitboards through a small hole under the underneath. All the Sim Rig cables are also going to be inside of the Rig as much as I can and they will also go into the hidden compartment of the table through the right side of the table. EXTRAS another little thing I would like to put on the Monitor of the PC section is this Ambilight/Lightpack/Ambitape thing that comes in many names by many different companies and looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ttCmII50nM Also the whole cable management is going to be under the wood where the motherboard is mounted and behind wood, the only things with cables are going to be Keyboard, Mouse and monitors, I hope. Also since I'm an audiophile I will also want wall mounted mids and tweeters and a sub somewhere. So what do you guys think? QUESTIONS TO THE COMUNITY You guys think the Cooling solution is good like that? What material do you guys think is the best to build this rig out of?
  19. Button box build Q's

    I'm currently looking into building my own button box and have hit a few speed bumps in the planning stages! If anyone has any experience or input on DIY button boxes feel free to leave suggestions and tips! I will be using the DSD 32 button no-matrix board for this box, keep in mind! I have a small list of questions so far: 1. Will led's illuminate as long as I have them plugged into the DSD no matrix board? Or is there more to be done there? 2. A "Push to Start Engine" 12V 19mm button meant for vehicles. I noticed they have 3 wires inside a main casing coming out of the button back. Inside the button, would there just be 3 "pins" that I could attach a female 3-pin wire to then attach the other end to the DSD board? Link to a button for reference: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Auto-Car-Engine-Start-Push-Button-Switch-Blue-LED-Illumination-Ignition-Starter-/331729123361 3. This is the enclosure I'll most likely use: http://ca.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bud-Industries/CU-3286/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsrGrAVj6eTvcoboH7QaVI0pt%2f8UOJlr6A%3d What would be a good way to "mount" the DSD board inside the box? 4. Would these work okay as rockers? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HS-5x-Waterproof-MARINE-BOAT-CAR-Rocker-Switch-12V-ON-OFF-4-PIN-Blue-LED-Light-/151559072319 5. Is there a certain name for a push button where pushing it in and "locking" is actually OFF instead of ON? If any of you are familiar with trucks, what I am trying to get at here is that I would like to replicate the parking/air brake lever, where pushing the lever IN releases the parking brake and pulling the lever OUT engages the brake. Looking to incorporate this into my box but don't know if it's possible. I'm sure there will be more questions but this should help get the button box planned and hopefully get what I need ordered. Any help would be appreicated!
  20. Vesa mount for 1" square tubing

    Anyone know of Vesa mount/bracket that will allow me to mount a computer monitor onto 1" (or larger) square tubing? I'm looking to build my own budget monitor floor stand after looking around for anything that's reasonable and concluded that the best way is to build one yourself. The simplest way is by using http://amzn.to/2jJ4BpK which can be easily put together. Any suggestion the mount a 32" BenQ ultrawide will be much appreciated.
  21. Hi there, so I got the bug for designing stuff for sim racing, I previously made a formula style rim. This rim was great apart from one thing, the paddles! They had no feeling so I started looking for some other solutions but couldn't find anything I wanted or if I could they were too expensive so I decided to design my own. My background, I've been sim racing for around 5 years before that I did some karting and now my day job is working for a Porsche Specialist on the race cars that race in the carrera cup GB championship. i wanted the paddle to feel as much like the cup car shifter mechanism as I could so I found out the switches I needed to use and started designing. this is what I came up with, they are 3D printed in carbon infilled plastic (around 20% carbon) this makes them very strong with negligible flex. As of yet they haven't been fitted to a steering wheel but will be done next month as I'm busy for a couple of weeks. I'll update if anyone's interested.
  22. hi all, wanted to ask around if anyone has experience with the Simetek Cockpit K2 cockpit/ rig, mounting and using DirectDrive wheels (OSW, DIY, AF or LB) on it. meaning experience with directdrive on this cockpit K2, does it wobble/ move/ sway/ flex? rigid or not rigid enough? thank you all.
  23. I am looking for any ideas on making a diy tv stand. It has to be height adjustable and sit over my steering wheel. Before I moved into my new place, i had a 42" tv mounted on a adjustable arm. With the cockpit placed pedals against the wall, I could move the tv about 25" from my face, just ahead of the t500rs which gave me pretty good experience with realistic fov, Now I am wanting a semi-temporary (cheap) solution in my new place without drilling any holes in my walls before i upgrade to VR. I was thinking of something out of pvc? are there any plans out for a diy tv stand or another cheap solution. My cockpit is similar in style and dimensions as the GT Omega (metal frame, seat pedals and steering wheel connected to that frame)
  24. So... I have got into sim racing over the past year and have slowly been acquiring gear. I was given a pre-cut RS1 for christmas and finally got around to assembling it yesterday. My question is where should I look to purchase a seat? I stumbled upon this guy here - http://www.ebay.com/itm/TYPE-R-FULLY-RECLINABLE-PVC-LEATHER-RACING-SEAT-MOUNTING-SLIDER-DRIVER-LEFT-SIDE-/201359198962?hash=item2ee1f18af2:g:qWAAAOSwU~FWDLaD&vxp=mtr Is that all I need to add it to my rig, or is their other mounting equipment i will need?
  25. BattleGears DIY 3D Print Buttonbox

    hi mats i did it again xD want to show you my little buttonbox i tinkered over the last week... want so a long time a small and simple button box for dirt rally and ats that i started to search a small curicit for a button box and found a cheap chinese one on ebay. its the same like in the 15 pound box here in the forum... and it works fine with it... a dsd or a bodnar would be much to big for such a small box! could connect one button more on the board. i think about to mount button for a engine brake somewhere on the pedals like it was on old trucks like 2000s MAN for ats... the case is a simple 3d print with cover. the cover is 125cm³ and needs 15 hours to print o.O wtf! but now enoght of this. here the pics the small curicit i hate cable cluttern! my new dirt rally rim... its very nice 330mm 79mm dished rim where not breaks the bank. sorry for the dusty rig. my girl builds a cat tree on the banch next to the rig -.- very simple to mount^^