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  1. Automobilista "free" and wheel and clutch settings?

    Hi there any one with the wheel settings for CSW V2.
  2. CSW V2 wheel going bad?

    Hi there Do you still have any warranty left over then call Fanatec they will look after. In Game stock cars you have to put everything low because the force feedback is very strong in that game. NO spring at all and force is only 60. Which window have you got is 32 or 64 bit, what are your setting in game we need to know those settings. Plus if its making any crunching noises then there is something wrong.
  3. Fanatec v2 base + V2 pedals+ universal hub

    Hi there where are you in England Please let me know.
  4. AMD or Intel

    Hi there I was in the same boat one year a go so my advice is go for i5-4690k. You can over clock it but honestly I don't see the need the chip is fast enough and Radeon R7 is v good as well. And 8gb ram and 750w power supply are more then enough.
  5. Project CARS - All Platforms - Patch 3.0 - Release notes

    How do we know which patch we are running on. Or how to install the new patch on steam because it is not doing auto
  6. Force Feedback after AC 1.2 update--not good (for me)

    AC is so bad man cannot feel anything in the center and I have got clubsport v2. Same race before update I could catch up with the AI and know there is no chance.
  7. New and Improved DSD pedals reviewed

    Hi there can I buy the kit and do it myself, I have got the old DSD pedals and I would love to upgrade them. They look very nice. How much will this kit cost please let me know.
  8. Can't decide: Pcars or Assetto Corsa?

    If I was you I will grab both of them even if I have to steal the money they both good. Since PCars is out I hardly go back to AC. But when you play AC it puts smile on your face. I will also recommend Dirt rally while its on offer man what a sim you should steal some more money this one is not to be missed. Lol
  9. Nerve FFB - Complete FFB Replacement

    Hi Thanks for such a hard work you done for us to enjoy. I just downloaded Dirt I am trying to install your setting but don't know how . I am trying to copy and paste but its not working. Help on how to install these files? cont open the read me txt. Plus if codemaster bring there own setting do I have to install the old setting back and then install the update please help. Thanks for the Force feedback update.
  10. Universal Hub Quick Release Kits.

    Hi is there any hub for clubsport base v2 please help.
  11. Interest in custom pedal pads?

    Hi there I got DSD Pedals I need new pads to cover them if you have seen the DSD pedals you can see how thin they are and has got horrible abrasive tape on them. Can you please give me the quote, I need my break pad to be little wider them the clutch and gas pads. You can check those pedals on http://www.derekspearedesigns.com/ . You can also get the size of the pad from there thankyou. Azhar
  12. Which headset

    There is only one headset to go for and that is Logitech G930.
  13. Selling Up UK

    Hi there how much will the V2 will cost me delivered to Manchester M21 Please let me know thanks. azhariqbal7@gmail.com
  14. rFactor 2 vs. Assetto Corsa PHYSICS ONLY

    If you got the money then both if not then Assetto Corsa. Both of them are good maybe rFactor 2 has got more edge on physics, but Assetto Corsa is more enjoyable because of graphics.
  15. Name: Azhar Iqbal From: England, Manchester Age: 41 Licence: Class C 2.48