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  1. Osw Fanatec Wheel Conversion Help

    Well I'm glad someone else understands my findings. The Bodnar board fixed my issues as I expected it would. DiView sealed the deal for me and convinced me that the Teensy was malfunctioning. Very happy that it worked as I have this board in my F1 rim and my Porsche rim. Bailey
  2. Osw Fanatec Wheel Conversion Help

    Shawn, that's actually a bit reassuring to me... hearing that you have the same issue as I have renewed hope that it is the Teensy board. I ordered a Bodnar board to replace the Teensy, however, some health issues have kept me from it. I hope to get it done soon. One other thing I did discover using DIView software (a popular calibration software).. is that it isn't merely the shifter buttons only that double shifts/executes, it's all buttons, it's just that I wasn't repeatedly pressing any other buttons so I would have likely never noticed it. Using DI View you can see the time in milliseconds between button presses, using it I could see that regardless of what button I would push repeatedly, they would all eventually show a fantom press and 0ms between pushes... that 0ms corresponding with an immediate, secondary fantom press. I will report that outcome of my board swap when I'm able. Bailey
  3. Osw Fanatec Wheel Conversion Help

    Well I believe I've exhausted all possible ideas I could come up with. EMI and grounding do not appear to be an issue. For those of you who using a Fanatec Porsche (or even Fanatec BMW) rim that has been converted using a Teensy board ... is it listed as a rim in your controller properties or as a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel? Mine is seen as a wheel and I can't help but wonder if that contributes to the issues as my Fanatec F1 rim does not have that issue, it's seen as a rim. Bailey
  4. Osw Fanatec Wheel Conversion Help

    Wow, we share even more similarities. If I unplug and reconnect after starting a race in rf2 the stuttering stops. Dirt Rally however does not change. I also had the issue where at times using the left paddle shifter would trigger the joystick as I had it mapped to look right/left. I unmapped that to resolve it. Simon suggested that I try grounding the rim itself differently and after reading about another user having multiple gremlin issues due to grounding I am hoping that's the culprit. Plan on trying a bit of that today. Please keep me posted on any progress you make. Bailey
  5. Osw Fanatec Wheel Conversion Help

    Just wanted to know how this played out for you as I am having what I believe are similar problems. I am using a Fanatec adapter from SRM with my Porsche rim and it is full of gremlins. Problems I'm having... Dirt Rally and rF2 in particular have terrible graphical stuttering/freezing only when the Porsche rim is plugged in. Unplug it, use another rim, problem solved. The shifters, both sides, will randomly skip shifts in every race title I have (and I even tried to lesson this effect by changing the player files to the most extreme settings for double shift prevention, no dice). When viewing the Porsche rim thru windows game controllers I can see that Windows is seeing the rim as a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel.(So, for instance, the joystick button is showing as pedals). That is contrary to my Fanatec F1 rim that I converted using the Bodnar board. It functions without issue. If I can confirm this is indeed a Teensy issue I'm going to order another Bodnar board and convert it the same way I did the F1 rim. Bailey
  6. Custom Button Box for iRacing

    I remember buying some from Mammoth Electronics and some from Digi-Key, that's all that springs to mind at the moment. Hope that helps. Bailey

    OP, I've got a friend who's selling his HPP pedals. I sent him a link so he could get in touch with you. Bailey
  8. To be very honest I have always been surprised at the variance between other's SC & game profiles and my own, hence I never felt I should give my two cents. For instance... switchface is using Kerb Vibrations, Slip and Shift Effect in RaceRoom. Using any of those causes harmonic noise in my AF. Also, I would not need to add kerb vibrations as I am already getting a fist full to begin with. lol The rat-a-tat-tat sounds that annoyed me at one time were simply related to certain settings. I can make the wheel very noisy or quiet by using certain settings. Some titles seem to have a far more noticeable effect. Bailey
  9. Basically... anything you can map to a keyboard button you can map to the Roccat button box to key in for you. That's all it's doing, pressing the keyboard key for you. So think of it as a keyboard but with custom designed, labeled keys. If the game itself has a mapping for chat commands then you certainly can map a button to that chat command. If the game does not have pre-set chat messages as part of the available mappings you could try something a little different... macros. At the time I was using AC it did not have mappable chat messages, if that has changed then set Roccats keyboard function to those key(s). Assuming AC has not changed you might try using the Macro function to have the Roccat button type a long string of key presses. That may do the trick but I have not tried it. So, an example would be to open the Macro function (same place you put key functions) have it press the assigned key which opens a chat box, then have it press a string of keys that spell out your chat message. Not sure how or if this would work correctly but it won't hurt to try. If that gives it problems you may be able to open the chat box as you normally would (I don't know what keys they use for that) and then have Roccat simply type a message. I do not know if there is a limit to how many key presses the macro will execute so this will be a trial and error to see if it will function as you desire. Bailey
  10. sherpa, I have not kept up with AC so it's possible they have changed/added or deleted some of their mappings. However at one time most of these worked as listed. If AC has changed or created new mappings you simply need to edit the Roccat PowerGrid function shortcut mapping so the correct keyboard shortcut is executed with that button. IN-GAME SHORTCUTS: CTRL+R : replay CTRL+S : slow motion (replay) CTRL+A : ABS on/off CTRL+T : traction control modes on/off CTRL+H : show/hide apps CTRL+O : restart session CTRL+L : disable names CTRL+M : toggle mouse steering CTRL+G: gearbox Auto CTRL+I : racing line on/off F11 : toggle virtual mirror +/- : adjust FOV in-car PageUp/Down : adjust exposure \ : Open/close console MULTIPLAYER SHORCUTS: CTRL+1: switch to previous opponent car CTRL+3: switch to next opponent car CTRL+2: switch to player car CTRL+L: toggle opponents name
  11. Race

    You can disable that Leaderboard by using F9. You'll have to press twice I believe as the first tap changes it up, second makes it disappear. Bailey
  12. Custom Button Box for iRacing

    Thanks northernerdan, I'm glad it could help. Bailey
  13. New rseat rs1 review (Nov 2015)

    joekim, Some of that was my identical experience but I had the rSeat EVO. Don't know how similar the seat in the RS1 is to the EVO model but I ordered a seat cushion for the Playseat ($30 thru Amazon at the time) and it fit darn near perfectly (attaching pic). It was an improvement but sadly not quite enough, and I had a strip of foam underneath it to change the pitch as well. I'm 6 foot tall with an athletic build so I fit the seat but I just could not get comfortable it in. Wasn't a sore bum, it was mostly a sore back. My husband and his brother, both of which look like linebackers could not get their beefcake thighs in it! haha I had to laugh when you mentioned the Playseat, because like you, I had that prior to the rSeat and weaknesses aside, one complaint I never had was comfort. I never felt like I needed to get up and move around after driving for hours. I figured it was just the ole girl showing her age but then I read similar experiences. Hopefully you'll be able to work with what you have and make it comfortable. I eventually replaced my rSeat but it was a good looking rig and I'm hoping you will really enjoy yours. Bailey