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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !

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  1. To subscribe to iRacing if you planned on using their service, you should do so HERE to take advantage of their new account discounts. This is a video series I created : Getting Started in iRacing Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuWMQ-IyPlI Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgUjXlG9Qdw iRacing Tutorials: Basic Training https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqZLBOpI5JFI7AWdvl7Uz7ZFw5iBsi2xr How To: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw9WPMLfzMk&list=PL7D7DD0D7A5EB18CD
  2. Did you manually add it or have Sim Commander auto detect it ? You may want to delete that entry and have Sim Commander auto detect and set it up from scratch. If that doesn't work, open a ticket at customersupport@simxperience.com and we'll get it sorted out for you.
  3. That is only a rumor, they are not going out of business.
  4. If you go to Simxperience.com and put the AccuForce into your shopping cart and create an account, you can advance through the order process to see what the shipping cost will be to your location. Regarding VAT and import taxes, you should probably check with your local shipping agency. SimX ships through UPS.
  5. Make sure you update to the most current version of Sim Commander. Check out this article I wrote on the subject. http://simxperience.com/Community/SimXperienceDevelopersBlog/TabId/783/ArtMID/1674/ArticleID/30/How-and-Why-to-Update-Sim-Commander-4.aspx
  6. Presenting Beyond the Gloves Episode 2. In this episode, Billy and John discuss ALL the information that spilled out on Project CARS 2 this week, and speculate on the little information we have on SimBin's GTR 3.
  7. Presenting our first episode of Beyond the Gloves...only one day late...technology man... This week, Billy kicks off the show with a discussion about what we expect from DiRT 4 and whether or not the info that's been released so far supports his and John's ideal rally title or not. As for John's topic, he discusses how sim racing has lead him to really caring about other forms of racing he usually wouldn't blink an eye at. Hope you enjoy this new angle at long-form sim racing discussion. And if you don't, we're sure you'll let us know in the comments...
  8. Inside Sim Racing and Thrustmaster are giving you an opportunity to win the ultimate Thrustmaster Sim Racing package for the PC. You have a chance to win the new Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer and a set of T3PA Pro pedals, a prize package worth almost $700! The TS-PC Racer is a powerhouse of technologies created to enhance gaming performance and offer a racing experience closer to reality, enabling gamers to be fully immersed. Thrustmaster TS-PC Servo base is ECOSYSTEM-READY. Retail value: $500.00 The T3PA-Pro realistic, high end 3-PEDAL set offers 2 different positions (floor-mounted or suspended) 100% metal and 100% adjustable and includes 2 different removable brake modifications. (Spring Brake Mod + Conical Rubber Brake Mod). Retail value: $150.00 To win, you'll need to be a member of the forums at http://www.isrtv.com/forums and then email us at contest@insidesimracing.tv with this information: Real Name: Location (Country / State / City): You also need to answer these four questions correctly: 1) What’s material is used on the TS-PC racers open wheel grip? 2) What’s the shape of the external turbo power supply? 3) How many watts in the brushless motor? 4) What does F.O.C. stand for in relation to the TS-PC Racer? ONE ENTRY PER EMAIL ADDRESS / FORUM MEMBER Deadline for entry is February 28th 2017. The person that has submitted their name and location and answered all four questions correctly will be chosen at random and notified via email and announced on the March 1st edition of This Week Inside Sim Racing. Tune in live to see if you won this great sim racing package from Thrustmaster. You must email contest@insidesimracing.tv to enter.
  9. If you plan on using it with an older TM base, it's not 100% compatible.
  10. Hi All, Interested in joining the Inside Sim Racing team? We're looking for at least two motivated individuals that love sim racing and want to write about it. Blogger / Writer - We're looking for someone (or two people) to write at least 5 blogs per week on current sim racing news. I will provide a list of resources for you to follow and write about as well as whatever you can come up with . Compensation will be per blog with bonuses coming by way of sim racing gear or software. If you want to write / blog, please send me at least two examples of what you would blog about. Please email me directly to apply at darin@isrtv.com.
  11. Not sure you will find a card or multiples that will be able to run a 7680x1440 resolution with all the eye candy enabled. That's some serious resolution to push. 1080 is going to be a huge jump in performance over the 295 though for sure. I know iRacing now can handle multiple GPUs, so maybe you're in luck. Have you asked for help in the iRacing forums ? Maybe somewhere there is running something like that in SLI.
  12. Sam did sell his OSW and bought another AccuForce during the Black Friday sale. He's not the only person that's done that either. Needless to say I'm going to be biased towards the AccuForce but I know first hand what goes on behind the scenes to continually improve Sim Commander not only for the AccuForce, but for motion and SimVibe as well. I'm sure the OSW is a great wheel. But does any version of it have a company behind it that's been in business for more than 10 years now, continually updates the software in house for every major title on the market and sells it as a complete turn key solution? The OSW camp has to rely on community updates, firmware that can't be sold with the wheel due to it being illegal and parts from various vendors for it to run. Do any of these OSW builders / sellers work directly with developers like SimXperience does? SimXperience has sent wheels to iRacing, ISI, Codemasters, Microsoft and Sector 3 to develop native support. We've reached out to Reiza, Kunos and Slightly Mad as well. The AccuForce also works with just about every out of production sim racing title too. The AccuForce also comes with a free version of SimVibe, in game on screen gauges that you can tweak and tailor as well as a tool that allows you to examine telemetry for every lap you turn with it. Does the OSW come with all of those extras and a warranty from a reputable company? What if one of these builders just decides to hang it up and close up shop? Berney has contemplated making Sim Commander compatible with the OSW but there's so many different versions out there, I don't personally think it will happen unless there's a standard set. Stepping off my SimXperience soap box now.. Wont be back to debate it either.
  13. Due to our time being very limited and the amount of inquiries we get we've started a new consultancy service. http://www.isrtv.com/inside-sim-racing-consultant-service/ You're more than welcome to post your sim racing questions here in the forums but if you want a sim racing consultant to help you down the right path, click on the link above.
  14. Anyone playing ? Would love to get in a squad with some fellow sim racers. Add me on Origin Capt_Evil_One