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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !


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  1. DSD Track Boss Classic SOLD

  2. DSD Track Boss Classic in great condition. $85 including shipping.
  3. P2 Button Box in great condition. $75 including shipping
  4. I live in KS, could ship tomorrow.
  5. Thrustmaster 59xx

  6. Thrustmaster 59xx

    I sent you a message, it's the same wheel just with a sticker on it that can be removed.
  7. Sam Maxwell Sparco P310

  8. TS-PC

  9. Thrustmaster 59xx

  10. TS-PC

  11. Purchased from Richmotech last September. Works great and in great condition. Paid $400 for it, asking for $300.
  12. Thrustmaster 59xx

    great wheel, barely used. Asking $130
  13. TS-PC

    sending you an message
  14. TS-PC

    Selling my TS-PC wheel base only. Looking to get $200. Great Condition