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      ISRTV Amazon Store   11/29/16

      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !


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    I just received mine from an amazon order, it took forever for them to be back in stock, and as soon as they were, ordered new, $137 delivered. Better than the 200 plus they were going for, for the past couple months. Sorry I don't have any leads on any used ones.
  2. Next Level Racing or GT Omega Racing.

    I personally have the GT Omega racing stand and love it, the main reason I went that direction last month was that it can be expanded to a full rig through purchase of additional components, so if you move up, you don't throw your money away on the stand, it saves you off the total of the new rig. I have a t300 rs and t3pa pedals on mine and am very pleased with its stability and adjustability. Hell of a deal with shipping included in the US I thought, no regrets. Can't speak to the others, but very happy with my purchase.
  3. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for all the information that was very helpful as I dip my toe in the water of sim racing. I am looking to gradually get into it to make sure I will stick with it and not just spend a bunch of money for something to sit and take up my home office. With that in mind, these are the steps I have taken. I am starting out on my ps3 in warmup to my ps4 I will buy myself this month, and if I continue to enjoy, eventually build a PC, this will be the theme. I purchased the Thrustmaster T300rs Alcantara with T3PA pedals as they are all PS compatible and well as PC compatible, and got a smoking cyber monday deal for $299+tax shipped. So I figure these are perfect for PS and can transition to PC if I keep going, upgraded later as needed. Next, I don't have any funds available for separate monitor/monitors yet, so will be racing in my living room, so no full rig, so purchased the GT Omega wheel stand based on the good reviews and its ability to expand to full rig, so not wasting money and having to buy chassis stuff twice. Very pleased with its performance as a wheel stand. Everything gears really around whether I switch to PC and want to commit as I can't get a full chassis til I have dedicated monitors, and I can't use triples until I go to PC, so yeah, that's where I am, and wondering if I should just buy one good monitor for PS4 racing and then buy two more if/when I convert over. If so, what size is recommended? And final question, I have been looking to buy the TH8A shifter, and prices keep going up and less and less places have them in stock all of a sudden, amazon is pretty dry on them, big box stores none in stock either. Is it being replaced with something soon so they are no longer manufacturing it? Anyone know? Thank you again for reading all this and any advice will be appreciated, I am completely new to sim racing, even though I have been racing cars since I was 16, so racing I get, the technology and sim racing is the foreign language