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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !


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  1. Thank you Darin for your timely assistance getting my SimVibe back up and running. I reformatted my PC and after re-installing a plethora of racing games and necessary software it came time to re-install SimVibe. To my surprise my Sim Commander 3 couldn't contact the server to validate my license. With a league race on Saturday at iRacing it wasn't looking like I would get SimVibe running in time. I can't race without it anymore. Then to boot I was having trouble updating my account at sim experience. A quick email to them and Darin responded almost immediately, I explained my problem and within 30 minutes or so I had Sim Commander 4 and SimVibe up and running. Awesome service from Darin, as in the past dealings with Darin, he is committed to our passion of sim racing. Thank you bud! Darren
  2. I started sim racing in 1979 and always loved racing in most forms. I am going on 5 years at iRacing in the Road race side. I won my division a couple years ago and iRacing certainly has it share of ramrods, no doubt. At times I get very frustrated at the service, so my rig sits for a few months at a time. Summer time I rarely touch my rig, that's the time to be outside. I reserve most of my racing for the colder months, that way I still have fun when I do fire up the rig.
  3. Mommies New Black 8020 Rig

    You need to buy hubby a welder for Christmas or his birthday, whichever comes first. That way you can design all your ideas and have him weld them up for you. I bought a welder a year and a half ago, if I can weld anyone can. On sale I got a decent one for $250 Cnd, thats like $150 US
  4. SASKCHAUCH'S Rseat rs1 Rig

    I was like you a few years ago, well as far as console play goes. I had a xbox and a PS3, single screen. A person is very limited by console racing, sure there are some decent games that are fun for them. Until I tried iRacing and seen what a difference in realism. A downside of course is commitment, iRacing has a steep learning curve and for most people a good deal of seat time is required. On a positive note the PC affords a lot better cockpit options, gauges, button boxes and triple screens. Perhaps when your kids get older you might find a couple minutes for yourself. Are you kids going to play hockey? Of course they will eh?
  5. SASKCHAUCH'S Rseat rs1 Rig

    Great start to your rig career Saskchauck, any chance you're from Saskatchewan? Also Sask, don't worry, before you know it your kids will be grown. I have 2 boys, 19 years and 26 years, still like em too. (lol)
  6. Mommies New Black 8020 Rig

    Very nice Bailey, I loved watching your progression over the years and the solid choices you have made in design. You selected some of the best components available to you. Between your hubby's handi work and your work you have made a rig that practically anyone would want. Kudo's on a fine job.
  7. Nice rig Mcunkle, they are as much fun building them as they are racing. Good luck and have fun.
  8. Angle of triple monitor setup?

    There is a sort of new school thought going around lately concerning triple monitors and the angles of left and right monitors. I have mine set close to 75 - 80 degrees. Mind you I have 55" triples and having them at that angle (as with smaller panels). You set them up so at each end of the monitor you could draw an imaginary line that would intersect with your eyes. Almost like the letter "n" It gives you a greatly improved immersion. With my set up, the doors and windows are where they would be in a real car.
  9. Bodin load cell mod

    Hi John, congratulations on a remarkable product. You have invested a lot of time, energy and money on this mod. I remember when you started on your project, it has to be dam near a year? Aside from all the help you offer in the iRacing forum, actually racing and family life I don't know how you did it. I know you do not have a big profit margin on your mod. For the folks that don't know John he works tirelessly for free helping other iRacers on the iRacing forum. From getting started to setting up triple screens, Johns work benefits the whole sim racing community and we are all richer because of him. Kudos to a fine brake modification John.
  10. iRacing Promo Codes

    If I recall it is at the end of Summer or early Fall. A quick Google should find your answer.
  11. iRacing Promo Codes

    Jack, wait until the American Black Friday, they have had renewals for $49 per year. That's a great deal for returning members as well.
  12. ISR - DIY Rig 1 - The Deathmobile - wood rig

    Reminds me of one of my first rigs years ago, great for the person on a tight budget. Should be rig of the week? Very nice work Shaun.
  13. Bodin load cell mod

    I too have ver 1 and have had zero problems after a year or so.
  14. Bodin load cell mod

    I would say good luck on that , I have 2 CSP load cells but they are only intended for the CSP. One thing is certain, John wants to do it right.
  15. Hey Dukey, welcome to ISR. For the best online PC racing I would recommend iRacing.com, it is by far the best sim racing experience IMO.