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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqCuhDD708A Welcome to our first look at Gran Turismo 6. We decided to fire up our cameras and let you enjoy Gran Turismo 6 along with us from the moment of first starting the sim. In the video we run with a Thrustmaster T500 wheel and pedals along with the TH8RS shifter. Despite the arrival of the Playstation 4, GT6 was released for the PS3 and we are going to see if it can hang with Forza on the new Xbox One. In this format we are a little raw compared to normal, but this gives you an idea what it is like for us with a new game release.
  2. Wow, what a tease. I read the story, and I suffer from the same condition of my brain doing things on its own. Keeps me up at night all the time. I cant wait to see the rest of your rig.
  3. Our guide to get the most out of Simvibe. In this video we show you most of the details on how to install and get Simvibe running. This video comes after our actual review of Simvibe that can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs1CslGfFCg We show you the parts that you are going to need, we show you how to install those parts. And then we go through all of the tweaks that you can do to the software.
  4. Our review of the Simvibe Experience. This show has a detailed review of this piece of software that will control transducers directly from outputs of your favorite sim. This means your buttkicker, aura shakers or any other tactile feedback devise will actually be game controlled. The software will control up to 8 different devices. We play with the software, tell you a little bit about how to set it up, and then let you know how it really works while driving. We finish up with the pros, the cons and then give it a final score. To get more information of Simvibe from SimXperience please click on the banner at the top of our homepage.
  5. That is really awesome and very detailed. If I had the time and space I think I would go for this myself. We really want an arcade style racer.
  6. Inside the T500RS GT wheel

    Great mod. I would definitely consider doing this myself. But like other have said before you are a brave guy.
  7. Great Idea on the paint Horace, everything would be easier in lengths, then just sand the connectors and paint, great idea.
  8. Our Installation and Review video of the AP Electrix load cell mod for the Logitech G25 or G27 pedals. As a sim racer the pedals are an important part of performance. And some people would argue that the brake pedal is as important as the steering wheel when it comes to fast lap times. In theory a load cell is a better measuring devise then a potentiometer. The AP Electrix upgrades the Logitech bake pedal to a load cell. In this video we show you how to install the load cell and then test its performance. We will point out the pros and cons and then score it so that you can decide if it would be of benefit to you.
  9. We recently did an episode on the show about building your own rig or DIY rig. We showed every step and have posted the drawings and plans here. There is also a link to the video if you would like to watch us build it and follow along. The tools that we need for the job are: SAFETY GLASSES A stable work bench A "C" clamp Circular saw (to cut the wood) Electric drill with a small drill bit for pilot holes ( 9/64" ) Rechargeable drill with Phillips Head Phillips Screw Driver Tape Measure Straight edge Pencil Paintbrush Materials Needed: 4 - 2" x 4" (8 Foot) 1 - 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 (6 foot) 1 - 11" MDF Shelving (8 Foot) ours was 1" MDF, plywood also works but has rougher edges, solid board is fine also 2 1/2" Wood Screws (Large Box 1lb.) 1 5/8" Wood Screws (Small box 30) #12 Wood Screws 1 1/4" (4) Paint The only trick cuts are for the wheel deck upright supports. I literally held them in place and marked them with a pencil and cut them to match my rig. It turns out the pieces are 32" long on the longer edge and cut to 30 degrees on one end with 60 degree cut on the other. Double check how it lines up before cutting. Here is a picture of the initial sketches: This is a 3d drawing showing the position of the pieces: Here is a list of wood pieces that will need to be cut: Here is a link to the video:

    That is what all simrigs should look like. Talk about planning things down to the last detail. I am very impressed with your creation and that is about the coolest "Sim Racing Lair" in the world. How did you get the vinyl graphics done?
  11. Tyrrell P34 replica cockpit

    I will put as simple as I can because after seeing this rig I am speechless. That is the coolest rig I have ever seen. It is a giant scale model of remarkable realism and yet you will be able to drive it. WOW!!!
  12. Derek Speare Raceking Button Box

    The Raceking is a custom version of Derek Speares button box that is only available to race winners. Darin was able to get his hands on one to review as well as take you through the line up of other Boxes and products for sim racers that Derek Speare makes.
  13. What would you like to see on our show

    Ah this just makes me want to dig up my pics of the old flatbug. Though mine was never pretty and had a short hard life. I still want to get another one and do it right this time. Not sure what right is when it comes to these cars.
  14. What would you like to see on our show

    We did actually re route the cables after confirming that everything was working probably. That is one of the coolest things about that 800d case. Now you dont see any wires at all, and the air blows through very nicely.
  15. Top Sim Cars of All Time

    I have read many people opinions on the Top Sim Car scoring and some people are a little mis informed. If we had made a list of 100 cars it would be very easy to sort them top to bottom. And score them all appropriately. Doing this one car at a time it took some cars for our scoring to really start taking shape. It wasnt until the list started filling in that some scored seemed higher or lower then they should be. The Lotus was the number one stand out. IRacing did NOT request a rescore, We did. IRacing didnt ask or pay us to do anything different. But for any of you out there who dont like the new scores, I wonder if you have actually driven the car? The Lotus from IRacing is in a very deserved position as it is absolutely one of the best sim cars ever made. Now I will defend my position as someone who changed his own scores. I am proud to change my scores. Personally I think too many people and too many review sites stick to their guns, as though they have never made a mistake. I did not give the lotus high enough scores. After driving many other cars and scoring them, I felt that it was underscored. So did Darin, so we ate ouir words and corrected it. I dont think of it as changing as much as correcting. Now comparing this to an election, the big difference is. We are not trying to change the scores of the lotus due to its actions. We are changing the scores based on our actions. The lotus hasnt been a good or bad president. Shaun I do appologise to all who are unsettled by the changes, but at least you know what we were thinking.