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  1. I honestly don't remember how the shifter mount is, I'll have to try it....I think I have it laying around... I like table, has enough room for both keyboard and mouse from what I remember, was using it for a bit. Something else I have to put back on, maybe this weekend. I think it can handle a DD wheel. Not going to say 100% yes but it's a pretty sturdy rig.
  2. My 1070 does pretty well. Being held back by the CPU atm. http://www.isrtv.com/first-look/gigabyte-gtx-1070-windforce-oc-first-look/
  3. Good stuff, thanks for sharing Darren.
  4. Our inverted set arrives on Friday, will be interesting to see how they are.
  5. We're getting a set to review...so at our current pace you'll know it 3 months lol. But seriously, hopefully sooner.
  6. I love the idea. I've been thinking about this for years as someone who has used their rig as a work station as well. Only recently stopped but it's much easier to have both the games and editing on the same PC, its just figuring out how to do it. Cool to see you thinking this out.
  7. No that's fine, mine does the same. Just turn the quick release until its tight and then turn the screw until the head is flush or it just feels tight. Doesn't have to be aligned perfectly with the bottom to do its job.
  8. You need to turn the screw down until it hits the male adapter on the wheel base or your rim will loosen over a race. I speak from experience... You don't have to tighten it as tight as you can, but the head of the screw should be down all the way.
  9. You on the console or PC? Sometimes on the console the wheels can be very strong out of the box. For console, best to go into the game settings and turn the force feedback down. If on PC, you can go into the Thrustmaster control panel and turn down force feedback. 75% is a good way to go. And you can turn it down in-game on the PC as well.
  10. Here is our current logo in different formats so you can run with ISRTV on your car! ISR PDF LOGO WHITE.pdf 2016 Horizontal ISRTV Logo Black.pdf 2016 Horizontal ISRTV Logo White.pdf
  11. Not that this is going to help today, but should have the ts-pc vs csl vs csw v2 vid out by the end of the month and can look into this.
  12. Selling a brand new P1 Fanatec Steering Wheel. Fanatec sent it to us after we already had one so never took it out of the box. They go for $140 new from Fanatec, so I'll sell it for $120, and that includes shipping to the continental US (only selling in continental US).