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  1. Selling off the Trak Racer RS8 that we reviewed awhile ago. In good shape besides a crack in the seat, which isn't too big of a deal, just part of fiberglass seats and attach points. Make sure to watch our review since the pedal plate ended up being kind of challenging: http://www.isrtv.com/reviews/trak-racer-rs8-mach-4-simulator-cockpit-review/ Since shipping this would be at least $200, doing local pickup only (Dayton, OH). Asking $100
  2. Had a thought while working on the Sim Commander 4 Tutorial that will run before our SimXperience Accuforce V2 Review. Does anyone run with centering spring on, and if so, do you have a reason? Our standard answer - base off of experience - is to turn it off as quick as possible because why would you want the wheel fighting against you to go back to center. You want it to follow your inputs. So I'm just wondering if there's any good reason why it should be on? I can't think of any.
  3. I don't like that the past two topics here have been show cancels.... Still working on getting the new PC up so we can stream better, cause lord knows the past few weeks haven't been stellar. See you next week.
  4. Looking for a sim rig

    If you want to make the drive to Ohio, I'm parting with our GT Omega ART and Trak Racer chassis. Selling them cheap, need to make space. PM me if interested.
  5. Cool idea, thanks Adam!
  6. Continuing to clean out extra hardware we have. This time a used Thrustmaster T300 Wheel Base. In good working condition, hooked it up yesterday to double check. $150 / Free Shipping / Continental US Only
  7. Logitech G29 and USB 3.0

    It should be ok...but I haven't done any testing with it.
  8. This is a good deal. I'd pick it up myself if I wasn't set on the ryzen 7 1800x.
  9. G29 or T150??

    T150 + pro pedals
  10. All for competitions. But considering I just spent $1k yesterday on PC parts so I can edit, live stream and put out a better overall product, this is one of the ways we recoup costs. And don't worry about Fanatec getting a fair shake, this wheel has been seen by over 100k+ people and turned into plenty of sales for them. They've recouped their investment many times over.
  11. Now that we have the Fanatec CSW V2.5, time to make some room in the studio. The V2 is in great shape, just used it last week as part of our V2.5 review. A few tiny, tiny, scratches on one side of the wheel - not even sure you can see it in the pic but I tried - but other than that, perfect condition, doesn't even have that much mileage on it. $375 / Free Shipping / Continental US Only
  12. CS V3 Brake Performance v Damper

    Literally the best way I can explain it. http://www.isrtv.com/fanatec/fanatec-clubsport-pedals-v3-brake-performance-kit-review/
  13. Need to get this off my chest..

    Clearly I've been doing it wrong...*puts gloves on to remove Accuforce V2 from box*