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  1. Love the swing-arm monitor. Very clever.
  2. Here it is, our very in-depth review of iRacing Dirt. Please let us know what you thought of the review and/or iRacing dirt racing. Plus if you do, you'll be entered for a chance to win a year (2 available) or 3 month (3 available) subscription to iRacing for new members, or a $25 credit (1 available) for an existing member. Please let us know in your post if you are an existing iRacing member or not. At noon est on March 21st, the giveaway will end, and six winners will be randomly selected.
  3. That computer will have no problem. You'll be able to max everything out in most games.
  4. It's a tough call. The T300 GT would be a good improvement for both the wheels and pedals. With that said, the CSL's would be a big step up in pedals. I would say, it depends on how you're feeling about the T150. If it's getting the job done, then just go with the pedals (which if you want to use on the PS4, you'll need the CPX Adapter, review on the homepage). If you're looking for more force feedback and smoothness, then the T300 GT is a good way to go, the T3PA pedals are still a big improvement over the two pedal set.
  5. Next Level or rSeat resellers? Looked through a bunch of the resellers for both and am not seeing it.
  6. Looking good. Who manufactures the adapter to run the V3 with rSeat?
  7. Well after seeing those settings, not sure how he's doing it besides maybe a monster CPU, but I still think you'll be in good shape. And yes, 1440 is much better for general desktop tasks.
  8. Maybe this is possible. The graphics seem to be fairly turned up but think he has objects at medium and doesn't have the in-car mirrors on which eat up a lot of performance. Plus may not have the more advanced track shaders on. I may be able to run that with my 7680 x 1080 triple setup and a 1070, if that is indeed the case. A 1070 and a 980ti are pretty even in performance if I'm remembering correctly. He may also have a decent cpu, which even though iRacing is DX11 now, it still seems to be fairly cpu dependent. Your setup with the 1080ti and I assume a newer i7 should be beastly and I think you'll get pretty good performance, even at 1440. Idk if you can visually see much a difference between 1080 and 1440...but I think you'll be able to handle it and be able to turn on things like in-car mirrors, track shaders, etc. The higher resolution may allow you to gain some performance by turning anti-ailising down, etc.
  9. Agree with us? Disagree with us? Discuss!
  10. You're still able to lean around with it. It just now tracks that movement more correctly (i'm struggling to find words to explain it but the short answer is it works).
  11. If iRacing offered the service they would be liable for the trademarks (logos) and copyrights (paint schemes) used, aka have to pay. A third party service doesn't have this issue.
  12. No live show today. Apologies, should have made a post in the forums, had it up on Facebook and Twitter. Have a video that we need to get out tomorrow and just ran out of time for the live show. Back next week.