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  1. BenQ ultrawide calibration

    Welcome! I'm currently running on standard, but I've bounced around a bit. Racing must be new, mine don't have it.
  2. Largest seat

    Welcome! The GT Ultimate is the largest seat I've seen by a good amount.
  3. T-GT a bad choice?

    Word on the street is that Thrustmaster is coming out with their own load cell brake adapter thing so may want to hold on for a second and see what comes of that. Considering they were (unofficially) showing off new products at Paris Games Week last week, I'm hoping we see it sooner (like this month) than later. Assuming this would be a less expensive way to go than buying brand new set (although I really like the CSL LC)
  4. F7 on PC

    That was the line. I could play on triples stretched in FH3, even though that was never mentioned. So was hoping the actual comment on it would mean true triple support, but not to be.
  5. F7 on PC

    Yea I fired it up as well with the TS-XW. Same feeling (and demos) from E3. FFB feels ok until the car goes into a wheel vibrating death push. After driving PCARS2 for three days straight, not very impressed (and PCARS2 isn't perfect either). I was also a little confused/disappointed about triple screen support. Hoping when they said "triple screen support" that it's actually triple screen support and not just screen stretching. It is so damn pretty though. I think it's the prettiest racing game I've ever seen.
  6. Fanatec direct drive wheel(s)

    I hope it's around the $1k price point.
  7. What is currently going on with ISRTV

    In the words of Aaron Rodgers - that I hate to be quoting because he plays for the Packers - R-E-L-A-X Hate to rain on the speculation parade but here I go. First, Berney isn't the new owner. Second, I've been running ISRTV day-in-and-day-out for over a year. Darin's been busy with SimX work - and while we've stayed in constant contact, bounced ideas and whatnot - at the end of the day, what you've been seeing on the channel is me. So nothing that is currently happening has anything to do with ownership. As for how committed an employee can be - which is a valid question - here I am typing this at 2:30 am because I'm up writing the WRC 7 review. In fact, at least twice a week I'm up most, or all, of the night. Sure, I could clock in for 40 hours and call it good, but since I've been doing this solo, I put in between 50-80 hours a week. I'm aware it doesn't always show, but there's a lot of work being put in. As for the live shows, if they just happened I'd be doing one a day. I miss having them and I know a lot of people miss them. But they require a fair amount of work on my end - especially right now as I'm trying to get OBS up and running - and we are in the middle of a really tough time of year. In this two week period we have NASCAR Heat 2, WRC 7, Assetto Corsa Ferrari pack, Forza Motorsport 7 Demo and Project CARS 2 being released. Plus, I have hardware reviews for Thrustmaster and Fanatec. Then October shows up with full FM7 and GT Sport. So, it makes it really hard to do the live show, and unfortunately, these reviews trump the live show because you only get one chance to hit a launch. I apologize for the missed live shows. Probably should have been more pragmatic and just said I'll let you know when they'll return. I just wanted them to happen as much as you guys want them. Sitting on a bunch of codes I want to give away. The live show will eventually be back, just have to find time to put it together. As for what we cover on ISRTV and how it is covered, that's a moving target. Some of you may look at the list of titles above and say, "yuck." But on the flip side, many will say, "yes!" A YouTube comment today scolded me for not totally focusing on PCARS2 and FM7 because, "they're the only things that matter." You can't please everyone. At the end of the day, two things help us decide what to cover, views and what we think is important. Views don't lie, they tell us what people want to see. On the other hand, there are topics that we think are important - "Sim Racing Explained" is an example - and we'll do them despite them not getting many views. These videos just have to wait until there is a break in the action. As for how it is covered, I have tried many different formats. Each has pros and cons. I liked having a conversation with Billy (or when it was Darin and I) but those videos became really long and took a lot of time since Billy's internet is from the stone age. Also, we then didn't have a written version for the website, which I think is important. Currently we are doing scripted pieces because we have a written version for the site, they're faster, and you don't miss things that you do when you shoot from the hip. The issue with them? They can come off kind of bland. Working on improving that. Some people like long-winded format, some people like quick and slickly produced. Again, can't please everyone. I do feel like the majority appreciate the faster reviews and myself - being ADD - I do as well. I like to watch shorter videos. So we're trying to push the boulder up from that side at the moment until we decide to do something different. Ok, I'm done rambling, I have a review to finish. Again, I apologize for the lack of communication. Yes, there is a lot to cover - far more than ever before in sim racing (remember when ISRTV started and there was rFactor, iRacing and Logitech only to cover?) - and we (mostly I) are just trying to figure out the best way to do so.
  8. ISRTV F1 2017 Review

    Figured I'd get this forum section started...
  9. Yes. Any Thrustmaster pedal will work with any Thrustmaster wheels, same connection, so you are good.
  10. Selling off the Trak Racer RS8 that we reviewed awhile ago. In good shape besides a crack in the seat, which isn't too big of a deal, just part of fiberglass seats and attach points. Make sure to watch our review since the pedal plate ended up being kind of challenging: http://www.isrtv.com/reviews/trak-racer-rs8-mach-4-simulator-cockpit-review/ Since shipping this would be at least $200, doing local pickup only (Dayton, OH). Asking $100
  11. Had a thought while working on the Sim Commander 4 Tutorial that will run before our SimXperience Accuforce V2 Review. Does anyone run with centering spring on, and if so, do you have a reason? Our standard answer - base off of experience - is to turn it off as quick as possible because why would you want the wheel fighting against you to go back to center. You want it to follow your inputs. So I'm just wondering if there's any good reason why it should be on? I can't think of any.
  12. I don't like that the past two topics here have been show cancels.... Still working on getting the new PC up so we can stream better, cause lord knows the past few weeks haven't been stellar. See you next week.
  13. Looking for a sim rig

    If you want to make the drive to Ohio, I'm parting with our GT Omega ART and Trak Racer chassis. Selling them cheap, need to make space. PM me if interested.