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    My Mercedes W07 wheel - all hand built

    I recently finished building my all scratch built Mercedes W07 steering wheel. I built it from layers of ABS plastic and aluminum. It has 12 NKK momentary pushbuttons, 6 rotary encoders, 3 12 position rotary switches, shift paddles, and clutch paddles. I also used a quick release from simulaje.com. The core of the wheel is a SimDisplay simrace-LCD. I am considering building these in carbon fiber soon. Anyway here are some photos- hope you enjoy them =) Gwen
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    Finished my Simul8r based build

    I mocked this up without glue then used it a bit to see what I wanted to modify. In the end I changed it quite a bit. I changed the back to raise the seat to more easily get in and out of it which then required the front "table top" to be raised. Also changed the front to make the pedals a more natural comfortable fit. I made a few other minor changes to make it better fit my frame size (5' 9"). I also added a cup holder which even has a slot for the cup handle and the mouse pad area. Other than the PVC it's just painted MDF. My wife lets me put this in the living room so I can use the 80" TV so I figured it should look at least a little cool. Yeah, the living room...my wife is pretty cool. I have a bunch of performance parts stickers and am contemplating putting them on it but am torn as they probably wouldn't easily come off if I don't like them.
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    4x Dead T300RS.... recurring problem

    Thanks for your report @qbazz! I had exactly the same problem that manifested itself just as you described it. Luckily for me I responded promptly realizing I may fry all the expensive electronics and figured out a solution. I thought of grounding too but the problem with this approach is that if you live in an apartment building (liked I do) you may be not the only clever guy. I'm not at an expert on the subject, but I saw repeatedly an opinion that if multiple people ground their stuff to essentially the same radiator grounding will not work correctly for everyone. And there's of course that cable. What I did was use a 100% cotton fabric to cover cushions of the seat. It was enough to prevent ESD buildup. No need for grounding and cables dangling. @Atak Kat eventually ended up doing the same and reported that it worked wonderfully and reliably for them as well. I think we should sue Playseat.
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    My team mate is desperately in need of a fanatec rim for his csw2.5. please if you can help, I can pick up local to Peterborough/Boston we have team mates in Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton and East London, we can do pickup with cash or PayPal and courriers, whatever helps, just in a rush for the new season starting this week. Thanks if you can help!😁
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    We'll have fun man, I'm sure you will, easy on the tequila!!
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    I have the following Thrustmaster items for sale: Thrustmaster F1 steering wheel. I bought this here on this forum used but in great shape. I used it a few times but don't really didn't get into F1 racing. Sorry, no box just the wheel as you see it. Asking $85.00 shipped. Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. I bought this used but like brand new and installed the Ricomotech short shift kit. I installed this on my rig and only used it once. It's used but still in excellent condition. Will come with the box, USB cable, and cable for connecting it to a TM base. Also includes the manual. I will include some nice mounting hardware too for hard mounting. Asking $125.00 shipped. SOLD! Paypal for payment. IM me if interested. Thanks for looking.
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    V3 $16 Downtown Los Angeles V3 UPDATED JAN 25th - 16$ USD - 120 individually cut decals for buttons boxes and steering wheels. Made From vinyl in either matte or sem-gloss. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge. Full Description found below with links to purchase. 16 units left SEMI GLOSS option - https://www.etsy.com/listing/544188607 SOLD OUT MATTE option - https://www.etsy.com/listing/530386492 NathanW
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    Great product and fast shipping! A must have for any sim rig. Thanks
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    KJL Sim Racing

    Mark 2 Sim Frames for sale

    We have just released our Mark 2 Racing Sim Frames. The frames are made with 40mm x 40mm Aluminium profile and we think they are the best in their class! They now come with a fully reclining racing seat and a built in single monitor frame - FREE OF CHARGE. All this for an incredible £475! ( Plus Delivery ) Triple monitor versions also available. ( See last photo ) Message me for details.
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    It looks much much better with real encoders, no matter that they are dummy.
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    80/20 Rig with 2DOF Motion & Traction Loss Updated my static 80/20 rig to incorporate SimXperience's universal seat kit and 150mm SCN5 actuators. The base is 2100mm x 780mm and all in 40 series profile. If you recall, this is my old rig: http://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/14202-8020-rig/ The final result uses numerous ideas from various other rig designs on this forum and others. I want to give credit to the following people/sites for my rig: Robert Reidel of www.konsolenracer.de Henning Piez/Ensonic that created this amazing rig as I blantantly copied his tilt/telescoping steering wheel mount. Tino Goergens and his rig. Faro06's rig. Anonymous rig Results: Transfer bearings: Lazy Susan Bearing: Base (2100mm x 780mm): Traction loss base: SimXperience Universal Joint: Dampening bar isolators: Dampening bar with actuators and seat base: Adjustable foot pedal mount: Seat mounted on base: Tilt and telescoping wheel mount: Wheel mount range of adjustment: My favorite - Cup holder: Update with 40" 4K Vizio TVs and Energy Micro RC speakers: I still have to wire everything up and configure the software. I'll post a video of it in motion soon. Dan
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    Hello. I wanted to share this because I did a lot of searches and could not find a solution online anywhere. I recently got the Playseat Evolution and also the T3PA Pro pedals. I installed the conical brake mod and with the extra braking force I just found that the mount for the pedals flexed too much under braking. I just bugged me and I was looking for ways to stabilize the pedal mount or make it more rigid. In the end I just flipped the bracket of the T3PA Pro pedals around and installed the braces like show in the pictures. I'm happy with the F1 configuration so this worked very well for me. Of course, the angle of the pedal mount needs to be adjusted to the specific angle where the bracket contacts the floor. The resulting angle of the pedals is still good for me and the pedal mount does not flex at all anymore because the bracket touching the floor takes all the braking force. If you wanted the pedal angle higher, I guess you could put some sort of spacer between the bracket and the floor. Much, much better under braking force now. Very solid. Hopefully helpful in case someone else searches for the same problem I had.
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    FS: Fanatec v3 inverted

    I just got these new from fanatec a few weeks ago because these almost never get sold used (I searched for a long time). I was using T3PA Pro's before (with upgraded springs on all pedals) , after 30 minutes on the Fanatec V3's I can't call the T3PA's pedals anymore. The only analogy I can think of is thrustmaster and Logitech pedals are wooden sticks with a plastic button and these are quality german pedals that remind me of a 2016 BMW M4. I literally have no vested interest in this sale so last thing I'll say is this They're backordered from fanatec, shipping was $50 then took an eternity and these are a steal at this price. Anyone considering an upgrade or thinking maybe later in a few months just stop, buy these, and thank me later.
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    Hardware advice Please.

    You don't need a 1060 to run Assetto Corsa... a 1050 would run it fine at that resolution (2560 x 1080) I also wouldn't pair a freesync monitor with an Nvidia graphics card that doesn't support freesync, unless that's just the monitor you like most. It will run without freesync fine.
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    Uploading pics might be a good idea seeing as there has been a large influx of scammers on here lately ,,,,
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    just finished my RSeat N1

    I will them to sell you the platform only with another N1 - to have another N1 for fixing!:) LoL.... so heat the welding machine;)
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    Hardware advice Please.

    I am guessing you want one already built? This place has some of the better deals in pre-built gaming PC's. I'd stay away from AMD CPU and AMD graphic cards. Even though people claim they work well I still find Intel CPU with Nvidia GeForce better suited for gaming. https://www.ibuypower.com/Site/Computer/Desktops
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    Hardware advice Please.

    hello, it will be much better to be a PC. Goof enough is i5 - 7th or 8th gen 16 gb ram it will be DDR4 for this gen CPU GPU - Nvidia GTX 1070 at least SSD for the OS This is what you need to have, the PC have some other components, but those are important for gaming.
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    Got mine yesterday. Great quality. Even better than expected. Thanks so much!
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    DSD Button Box/Panels vinyl decals

    I finally was able to snatch the last one just in time.
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    just finished my RSeat N1

    Those bulgarians know everything!!! Jeeez!!!:)
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    What is a T300RS PRO?
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    just finished my RSeat N1

    Thanks loser10 Checking it out now. During adjustments, I changed the angle to 120 degrees.
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    FREX 2018 H-Shift

    looks like a great piece of hardware. wonder how it shifts. i have the fanatec and although it's ok i believe there are better alternatives out there as for authentic shifter feel or whatever you like to call it (pls.don't mind my poor english )
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    how you all doin

    yeh i agree too guys, i think after Darin started getting bashed by all the bandwagon boys and their youtube channels,then the grief with shaun, Darin lost heart and the site slowly dropped off.....im mainly in here to check the buy and sell but i always check to see if any of the old boys have had anything new to say. Its always nice to hear that youre all still knockin about though, I owe so much to you guys and i wouldnt be sitting in my super rig with high end pc if it werent for you lot, id still be on playstation moddin stuff to work with gran turismo.
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    Paul GT73

    how you all doin

    hows it goin you sons of bitches....
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    DIY 80/20 pedal platform

    There is a wood board that spaces platform from the wall. That board is anchored with two small pins. There Velcro straps attached to the board. The Velcro straps hold the platform in place, so that the platform cannot move forward or backward. My racing seat office chair is tethered to the platform. So, when I press the brake, the office chair does not move backward. It all works well and leaves me free to move the pedal platform and put down my flight sim rudder pedals when needed.
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    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

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    just finished my RSeat N1

    Yes those two holes are exactly what I was talking about. They are used to mount the tablet/switchbox mounts. I was looking for some monitor mount to bolt directly to it, but it never occurred to me to use a wood in between! Brilliant idea! thanks again! Edit: I ended up using this mount which I had all along: http://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/27171-cheap-small-monitor-mount-for-rseat-rs1/
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    Hellova news!
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    How far are you from Golden Colorado guy has one for sale on Ebay just type Fanatec in search bar
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    Zoom in the picture I posted above and you'll see the connections I made, that's all I have. Make sure you connected the right wires of the LC to the amp. Regarding the output oddity (black connected to +3.3v) – thinking about it again: I don't connect the TP3A to the wheelbase, but to an USB interface. This inverts the axes; maybe that's the reason why I had to connect +3.3V with black against all common sense. So if you connect it directly to the wheelbase instead of the dedicated USB interface, there's a chance that the polarity is right again and red connects to 3.3V.
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    Hah, you're getting kudos from THE Space Hedgehog bud, that is high praise. Nice work!
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    Hi All, Here is my DIY-ish! aluminium profile take on a SimX Stage 4 series, 3DOF (traction loss). I have built it to Porsche Martini Racing colors. I tried to upload the core plans for the rig in MS Word but couldn't upload it, if anyone wants them please let me know.
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    WTB Thrustmaster T.RJ12 USB Adapter

    It is cheap device - why not buy it new?
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    After getting ripped off by someone on this forum, I have to point out this seller just joined few days ago, and responded to a couple posts in this forum to get his post counts up, JUST LIKE WHAT THE OTHER GUY DID. Not saying this is bogus, but buyers beware. Definitely use Paypal and never send as "friends or family." And if he asked you to send to other email addresses, that should trigger a flag for you.
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    VR VS Screen Lap Time

    hey another point that gets missed often in this discussion So we can talk about FOV and view angle all day. Argue about if I can see better with my Rift or triples. Triples I can get 144hz or even more and run super high frame rates, Rift is never going to do more than 90.. What all of this is missing is VR is 3D! The display is 3D and real 3D, as in seperate displays for each eye and hence very low 'bleed' (or seeing the wrong image with the wrong eye, happens more with those LCD shutter glasses technology, I owned that too!). So as you're approaching that apex the VR user is seeing it in 3D! With real depth perception! The other cars around him, EVERYTHING IS IN 3D! This can't be overstated enough. It doesn't matter how many monitors you have and what you do with them, it's all 2D baby! This in itself is almost the argument put to bed, but add in real perspective of being in the car, the ability to glance even behind me if I want.. I'll be going down a straight and when I pull out to overtake you I'll look out the side of the car and I can make my wheels almost brush yours as I go past. So damn close that most drivers freak out a bit. That is ONLY possible with a display that tracks my head movement so I can look in any direction and 3D that allows me to judge the space between my car and yours beyond a level you can do it on a monitor. Hence the monitor drivers freak out because they're literally witnessing what is magic to them, they cannot do these things.
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    It has to work. If it's inverted that's the file that controls the axis. There is also a thing with RBR that when you first get into the car, you need to press all the pedals once, and of course pull the handbrake too. They all register as fully depressed when you boot up for the first time. Try that. It may be on the correct orientation, but engaging as you try to take off and then it just stalls you.
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    Any good Thrustmaster Stories?

    Just remember... 90% of the people who have a bad experience with a product or service are gonna find a way to complain and report their problems. 100 people have a bad experience, you'll see 90 or so bad reviews and posts. 99% of the people who've had a satisfactory experience with a product or service are never gonna say a thing. If 10,000 people buy a particular product and are satisfied with it, you'd be lucky to find 100 people who'd take the time to sit down and write about it. I bought a TX from someone on this forum three or four years ago. After a couple of years, I had a minor issue with the breakaway cable failing, but I found another one from an old wired Xbox 360 controller, and it's still working great. Recently, I purchased a T300RS (used again), and I've been using it for at least eight months, and I tend to turn my FF up a little higher than most. Recently, I purchased a TS-PC Racer rim from another person on this forum, and I love how it feels on the TX and TS300RS. You can feel a lot of detail through the rim, even on these "lesser" wheel bases. From my experience, as long as you take care of them, Thrustmaster products are pretty solid and reliable. BUT, I always say, no matter what brand of sim-gear you buy, register your products, and keep your receipts and boxes. These wheel units can be put through a lot of stress and generate heat, and if something isn't quite right in the manufacturing and assembly process, you may experience a failure. If it happens, contact the manufacturer, be patient, follow directions to get your RMA, and appreciate whatever it is they can do for you.
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    Furnace Inferno

    VR VS Screen Lap Time

    I don’t think many people at all think better gear will make them faster, most people I’ve seen just want better immersion which generally actually makes you slower and the OP’s question was is it slower because he only cares about winning. Also the argument that practice and skill are the only things which can improve speed every time this gets discussed is rubbish. Where is your data for that exactly? I’m talking actual scientific tests not just oh the top guys use cheap wheels. Anybody who practices long enough will get good on any input method does that mean a keyboard is better than a wheel just because someone can get top 10 times using one, no. All your saying is that someone who practices all the time and can hit every apex will be quicker than someone who does not which is obvious. However given most of us don’t have that much time to play the real question is how much quicker does x piece of equipment allow you to learn a car/track combo over another. An example of that in VR you can see the undulations on a track and any odd bumps that would cause traction loss that you can’t even see on a 2D screen. Now what happened in the last was you’d be blasting through a corner hit the bump and have your lap ruined but from then on have to remember there is a odd bump there. In VR you see it every lap and don’t have to think about it and memorise lifting off you just react to what you can see. I guess if you only stick to one or two series then you’ll reach the equilibrium point where it doesn’t matter sooner, though I still think for most people better stuff like a load cell will make them more consistent and whilst not quicker over one lap, quicker over a race and under pressure.
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    Furnace Inferno

    VR VS Screen Lap Time

    His point was you making the statement it won't make anybody faster is false. For some people it most definitely will if depth perception is vital for them just as for some people it may make them slower because of something like they are more aware of their speed and therefore overly cautious. You can learn to drive on a monitor, just as you can learn to drive without most of the feedback a real car gives but it is a handicap. Professional drivers say the same that sim racing is harder than the real thing and VR is closer to reality.
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    VR VS Screen Lap Time

    Yep i'd say it can make you faster,,,although if your already putting record lap times in with a monitor then maybe not so much ,,,, It'll definitely make you more accurate at taking those apexes which in turn will make you a more consistent driver,,,plus with the ability to look around you also greatly reduces your chances of collisions during races ,,, so in my opinion i'd say it most definitely gives you advantages over monitors and if it doesn't improve your lap times it most likely will improve your overall race times,,,,,
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    I've been asked by a few members to document what I did to repair my Thrustmaster TX when the power supply burned out. Reading through the threads here, it seems like this is a common issue with the TX so I hope this helps someone. First thing to do is source a power supply. There are several candidates that can be bought cheaply on eBay but for this repair I used an old Dell laptop power supply. Ideally your power supply should a ) have the correct input mains plug and voltage rating and b ) have an output of about 5 Amps at 24 volts DC. You can go as low as 19 volts or as high as 26 volts for the output but the ideal voltage is 24 volts. I decided to use a laptop supply because they have internal circuit overload protection. I also wanted to protect the internals with an inline fuse like this one http://tinyurl.com/occze4t but I only had an auto inline blade type fuse so I used that for this build. Here's the power supply I sourced: USA AC 110v input / DC 19.5v 6.7 Amps output Locate the plug on the output end ...and cut it off. Make sure you leave enough room to be able to strip back the wires. Unsheath the wires and cut about 2mm of insulation off the end of each one to expose the wire inside. Now we have to make sure we know which is positive (+ve) and which is negative (-ve). DO NOT ASSUME that the black wire is always the -ve or the red is always the +ve. ALWAYS meter them to be sure. Set your multimeter to a range higher than the voltage you will be reading. In this case, I'm setting mine to the 20 volt DC range as I know my output is going to be less than 20 volts. Making sure that the two wires you just cut are not touching, plug in the power supply to the mains. Measure the voltage across the wires... ...then reverse the probes and measure again. Notice that the measured voltage is negative when the black probe is on the white wire and positive when the black probe is on the black wire. This means that the black wire is the -ve supply and the whte wire is the +ve. Unplug your power supply from the mains.
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    ClubSport Handbrake question

    If you're on the PC then yes, there is a USB adapter you can get from Fanatec, so yes you can use it with any make of wheel. It would just show up as another controller device. The Thrustmaster TH8A shifter can be set analog mode which would all you to use it as a handbrake. I don't know if the Fanatec handbrake gives any resistance as you pull on it, but I know the TH8A doesn't but a bungee cord can fix that.
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    Now wait just one minute I am one of Marks Customers and he has never, never had shit service, in fact he is one of the few business I can call with issues regarding my pedals and he continues to call back and assist with not only my pedals but others. I dont know what your beef is with HPP and frankily I dont care but I am here to tell you that in no uncertain terms HPP is a fantastic business and his pedals are well worth the price of admission.
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    John Sabol

    IRacing 3 x 1440p FPS?

    Maybe this is possible. The graphics seem to be fairly turned up but think he has objects at medium and doesn't have the in-car mirrors on which eat up a lot of performance. Plus may not have the more advanced track shaders on. I may be able to run that with my 7680 x 1080 triple setup and a 1070, if that is indeed the case. A 1070 and a 980ti are pretty even in performance if I'm remembering correctly. He may also have a decent cpu, which even though iRacing is DX11 now, it still seems to be fairly cpu dependent. Your setup with the 1080ti and I assume a newer i7 should be beastly and I think you'll get pretty good performance, even at 1440. Idk if you can visually see much a difference between 1080 and 1440...but I think you'll be able to handle it and be able to turn on things like in-car mirrors, track shaders, etc. The higher resolution may allow you to gain some performance by turning anti-ailising down, etc.
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    T150 vs G29 [First Wheel]

    G29 has better pedals, T150 has better force feedback, the T150 does have higher resolution though and with the option to upgrade to T3PA it makes it a lot more attractive, since those pedals are bit better than the G29 pedals, and the TH8A Shifter is better than the Driving Force Shifter, so if you're looking at the standard T150 or the G29 then the competition is pretty much even, both have their pros and cons, (G29 better rim materials en pedals, T150 better force feedback and ability to upgrade pedals), if you're looking at T150 + T3PA or G29, then I'd give the win to the T150, considering then it's better in pretty much all aspects. And if you're looking at G29 + Driving Force Shifter or T150 + T3PA Pedals + TH8A Shifter than no doubt the Thrustmaster is a much better setup. Hope this helps
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    For some reason the message your wrote koudai didn't translate. Here's the translated version: Posted in Thrustmaster Hello.I live in Japan. I intended to purchase T150 in UK Amazon, but was with a Europe version of 240v. The Japanese standard is 100v. This is it whether I must convert it with a voltage converter, or is the AC adapter that input copes with 100v-240v all right? UK 240v Europe version http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015CNQVZ2 input 100v-240v ACadapter http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B003VIJU7C
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    T3PA (non-Pro) load cell mod

    Great idea! Initially I thought the leverage would be too high for a 20KG load cell, but it turns out to be spot-on.
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    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    Hi Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for giving me the inspiration to have a go at building myself my first rig. I read your thread a few times and decided to have a go. I'm about 100 hours in and still going. It's no where near the quality of what you created and on a budget but ok for a first go. Sorry its a bit of rip off of your design but please take it as a compliment, what you built was just brilliant. I have a few more jobs to do but I'm using it now and really enjoying it. It also has attachments to make it a gaming desk. So thanks again! Darren