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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !


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    New wheel, new rig :)

    Recently moved to a new (old) house, so instead of finishing various redecorating projects, I thought it best to prioritize building a new rig... This would be used for VR only, and after drawing it up and planning more thoroughly than my last project, this one got built in just under 2 weeks Here's some pictures:
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    Thirsty, install irFFB and run it in 360Hz. Look it up on iRacing forums. PM me if you need more help. Sebj
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    Oh nice! That looks awesome. Thanks, I ordered one
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    New wheel, new rig :)

    Nice to see a rig build on the site Good on you to prioritize this project. Z
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    Just search: Logitech shifter to usb You'll get several different answers. Such as.... http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=188 https://github.com/chrisjansson/Shifter https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/diy-logitech-g25-g27-shifter-pedals-usb-adapter.349367/ There's also a couple YT videos one from ISRTV
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    Playseat F1 PS4 Pro

    Playseat F1 Red Sony PS4 Pro Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 Schumi-Dk Pedal Support - THANK YOU Fanatec CSL Ps4 w/Black Formula Wheel Vizio M43-C1 4k TV Rseat Large TV Stand Earthquake Quake 300W Tactile System Buttkicker Playseat Adapter Logitech Z906 Speaker System* Sanus Speaker Stands * Astro A50 Wireless Headset* Portta 1x3 SPDif Splitter* Langree DAC Digital Optical Audio to Analog Stereo Converter* *Not Pictured* Coming Soon Playstation VR 2 Pedal Adapter Kit for Fanatec V3 Fantatec Damper System for Brake & Throttle Hope you like!?
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    New wheel, new rig :)

    Awesome build! if you have any more money to spare you should swap the seat for a proper racing seat. it will pull your rig to another level! great job!
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    SimXperience Accuforce V2

    BRAND NEW SimXperience Accuforce V2 Complete System ( W O T ) Ready to Drive ( W O T ) Ready To Ship Ships Faster than your best Lap time Accepts Verified Paypal Contact me if interested PRICE WILL BE UNBEATABLE ****The MODEL MUSTANG IS NOT INCLUDED
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    Selling my wheel base pedals and rim because I'm thinking of going to Direct Drive wheel. All items are in great condition and have been hard mounted to my GTR Simulator rig. Adult owned smoke free home. $650 plus shipping.
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    Tetanus Shot Required DIY RIG

    well it looks like this thread got killed by photobucket., i have reuploded all the pictures to imgur and will try and find some spare time to edit all the post and get the pics back. looks like it has been damn near a year since i posted an update. The rig we nt through a few different versionns since then. I bought a vive in march so i gave VR a try for a while. then i decided that i wanted something a litle more fasionable than what i had for my throttle and flight stick.... th igloo cooler just wasnt cutting it for the warthog... so i spent a bit of time in the garage and came up with these. after a coat of paint but before i could ever get them set up on the rig, the wfe and i found what would turn out to be our dream house, so our place was put on the market. The wife and our realtor for some reason thought that the "racecar" in the basement wasnt a selling feature... so it was completely torn down and put into storage. which led me to taking a brake from racing for damn near 6 months. once we moved into the new house and got settled, i set up the rig with out the triples, one of my 40 inch screes somehow managed to get broken in the move. so the rig was set up with a single 27" monitor, and an absolute ghetto monitor stand. this was the case for about a month while i decided which way i wanted to go with the rig. I never could get myself used to racing in VR or with a single 27" screen, Black friday sales hit and i found myself a 40" 4k display with great input lag test scores. so i pulled the trigger on one of them. so the entire rig got torn apart, a new triple stand built, and a coat of paint was given to the entire thing..... i guess that means that i wont need a tetanus shot anymore.... after the paint dried the re assembly process began. that takes us to where we are now... i am still not 100% satisifed with the alignment, and a 4k primary screen with 1080p side screens is giving me all sort of grief. but taht is half the fun isnt it.... i got it back together to get a couple of the new iracing GRC races in and should be back in full swing for week 1, i have a few big plans in my head that i want to try and do to the rig.... the biggest one is trying to figure out a quick and easy way to swap between driving and flight sims..... sorry for the photo dump and huge update!!!
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    T3PA Brake pedal not working

    That's the gear that attaches your potentiometer shaft to the pedal to sense the pedal position. If you're still under the warranty period, I suggest contacting Thrustmaster tech support.
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    Oculus Rift Sensors

    both are sold
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    Oculus Rift Sensors

    yes I am in the U.S., one sensor has been sold and I will sell the other one for $35 including shipping.
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    My thoughts on the 23rd and load cell

    I started playing with BRF setting in the wheel and noticed if I decrease it to 10, I am able to brake in much shorter distance. Strange as I thought it would be the opposite.
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    Accuforce DIY question?

    From my understanding to make this kit functional you just need a mounting bracket for the motor to fix to your your sim rig and a steering shaft clamp to be able to fit a wheel too. Of course to be sure just email them directly.
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    My thoughts on the 23rd and load cell

    @steph280 Have you played around with the slider bar in the fanatec control panel. I messed with that and moved the slider to my max pressure and it seemed to help. Plus some seat time helps as well, some of the really hard breaking points I'm still struggling with but I guess that'll come in time. I also made an adjustment to the brake pedal face, titling it so that the face is more perpendicular to the ground might help, I'm going to try that today.
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    New wheel, new rig :)

    Great work!!! are you going to sell any of them??? If so How much I would be interested in Buying 1.
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    Hi, That's your opinion, and you are entitled to it. Cheers, Lee
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    SRH G Force LCD

    Like new, only missing the box. PM me for pics $100 shipped in the US http://simracinghardware.com/product/g-force-lcd-2/
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    I purchased them directly from Amazon, and Fanatec runs the shop there, so I think I'm good. I registered them on Fanatec's website, uploaded the invoice, put in the S/N, etc., and I used the contact form linked from that registered product to contact them. It's reassuring to hear you've had positive experiences - maybe I just got an inexperienced tech guy. I'll update the thread as things develop. Still open to suggestions
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    Help - I need to know which to buy?

    First question what is your budget there maybe other options . I would stay away from cockpits that have the center post between the legs. I owned the Playseat Revolution when I first started sim racing and quickly sold it and built my own. Do you know someone that is some what a handy man that could possibly build you a cockpit ? Only reason I ask is thats the route I went after selling my Playseat . Building my own(wood) cost half the price of what I was looking for and also allowed me to customize for future add-ons.
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    Small update. been working on a "diy" handbrake. not done yet but start is here. Loadcell.. loadcell mounted..
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    Hi there! I am Robert from the Netherlands, 36 years of age and a complete newbie at the sim-racing scene, but always had the urge of building a sim-rig one day. It's a bucket list thingy I spend a long time searching for possible ways to build a decent and cool looking sim-rig until i stumbled upon OpenSimrig Supersport designs which blew me away! I just had to build a rig like that! I haven't got a clue where to start with measurements and/or sizes of rigs so because extrusion material is very expensive i decided to contact Steve from OSR and bought his plans for calculation of materials needed and basic instructions.Steve helped me out great so i could get started right away. As for the build, it's a 40 series based on the SuperSport evolution, extra wide version and with full bracing. i am trying to make it a one-off with some custom touches. well see how things go along the way. Just started the build so it's not finished yet but here is the progress so far, hope you like it. extrusion alu arrived and cut to specific
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    Fanatec - Black Friday Deals?

    And theres more impotant things to do in life than spend time on isrtv, yet here we are commenting on other peoples comments and criticising other peoples criticisms. Not sure why some people are so dense when it comes sarchasm and feel the need to make claim regarding matters that they quite clearly dont understand. @Measuredpath if, and only if, you are under the age of 18 then ill understand your innocence at the need to be sceptical and suspicious of the world, but youll soon see it for yourself my friend.
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    Will you split them up and will you ship to the uk? Cheers,Phil.
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    Hello, As I announced before some time - I started gaming tv show in Bulgaria. Ofcourse in the studio I have RSEAT N1. Somehow I felt unsatisfied that I dont have the proper equipment for that awesome rig. I needed something that bulgarian gamers will adore. So, I contacted Fanatec with request and they decide that it is time to show up on public in Bulgaria;) Now I have CSL Elite PS4 wheel with P1 Elite rim - to change if needed.(it is mounted from day one - for Forza in the studio) and CSL Elite pedals with Load Cell add on. I am happy that the package was fully finished with Clubsport Shifter and Clubsport Handbrake. For the HB and CSS many of you are familiar - will say just great products - on last year BF deal I bought 2 HB:) The CSL Elite line is new and it was interesting for me to check it out. The base itself is beautifull and heavy - I love when something is heavy - that means great materials are used to build. I like CSL Elite wheels, because they have separate HB input port on the back.They use PCB and the motor from the CSW 2.5 in this base, so that is a fact that speaks enought for entire construction and mechanism inside. Both rims the PS4 which comes with the base as PS4 package and P1 Elite rim add on are very high quality. They felt very comfy in hands and buttons are easy to reach. Beside build quality - ingame the wheel is very different from TX or T300RS, and I preffer the Fanatec base. I dont know is it competitor to TX or T300 - I just dont have higher grade TM wheels to compare. The FFB feels more refined and you dont feel this notching movement inside. Also the flex from the quick release is gone. I saw some reviewers make flex on Fanatec CSL Elite, but they did it to show it, it is imposible to have flex if you just race. The QR is very tight. The fact that you switch only rims between PS4 and XB1 is insane:) The CSL Elite pedals are very modular and the Load cell brake pedal add on is very easy to attach, they send you all needed instruments. Again good build quality and as always great packaging. Overal I think that with this CSL Elite line Fanatec strikes in the bulls eye. I am a person that preffer good middle range products. In Fanatec`s scale this is entry line and above it is CSW and comes Poddium. This is not a review, just my thoughts from what I saw for a few days. The only sad thing is that this equipment stays mounted on the N1 in the studio:) If someone dont believe that I like it - he can send me this package and I will post picture every day prooving that is on my rig:) Thank you Fanatec! Thank you RSEAT!
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    V3 Pedals not found/dead?

    THANK YOU - Updating the pedals by themselves FIXED the issue - THANKS Woo Hoo
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    FS: OMP Superturismo wheel

    Well, i got the sparco r383 add on from thrustmaster, that’s why i decided to sell this rim. This Superturismo is newer version i think? It was used in the VW Polo Wrc as well (2015) It is excellent indeed, much better then this Sparco i just got, but hey, we can’t have everything. But now that you are talking, im starting to wonder if I should sell it or not
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    Oculus Rift Sensors

    $80 for the pair or $35 for each one individually
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    My first custom wheel finished

    Thank you Steve from OSR for the button plate and the initial wiring. And a big thanks to Magnus for the assistance when it came down to wiring everything to the moggen board. I learned a lot and already looking forward to building something else. I picked up a $40 NRG wheel off eBay (didn't want to spend the money on a Momo Mod 30) so I had to fine tune the paddle reach as I don't have long fingers so I had some carbon pieces from my RC car racing days that I used to move the paddles closer to the wheel so I can reach. I found something like this on the ascher site that I might get but we'll see. The one thing I do want now that I've had some time on the wheel is the GT3 paddles that came w/ the ascher paddle switches doesn't stick out that far. 33 mm needs to be a hair longer, maybe 35 or so for us short fingered folks. I also ordered a 4.3" nextion display as well as some LED's so that I can have a custom dash and rev lights for this new setup. It's a bit sketchy and rough around the edges as I used Lexan as the mounting plate for the monitor and LED lights. But it works and I love it. The simhub software was pretty easy to work through with some help from youtube but I managed to plod through it and got the 911 GT3 dash uploaded and what not. I'm just trying to figure out a way to tie the in game dash switching to make it do the same on the physical display. I have to get to get some scrap window tint to dull down the brightness of the LED's. But so far it's been fun
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    Rseat USA?

    Last time I needed to talk to RSeat I used their Submit a Ticket Form on the support page. To be honest even using this method it took several weeks of multiple postings on my part until things were resolved. I'd initially contacted them to see if I could purchase an additional shifter mount to make it easier to swap between driving and flight setups, all I needed was the mounting plate not the entire kit. In their initial response they told me as I was an existing customer they give me the plate if I'd cover the shipping. Then began several weeks of trying to get the shipping information from them and confirming they had my PayPal info. I'd almost given up when they responded that because of all the delays they were going to cover the shipping as well and I received the shift mount shortly thereafter. They've got a great product and I believe they honestly want to take care of their customers but suspect they are a bit short handed on employees who can read and write English. My advice would be to use the submit a ticket link and just keep trying https://rseat.kayako.com/Default
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    AMD FX 8100 8 Core 2.8Ghz Processor 16Gb DDR3 RAM XFX Radeon 7770HD 1Gb GDDR5 GPU WD 250gb hard drive 450w PSU Has a rosewill media card reader (sd, sd mini, mms, and couple others) Antec 900 case (has huge top ventilation fan) Windows 10 Home Premium 64bit $300 + shipping
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    Hi Dave, Mark here. Raced SCCA for years, including PWC and some oval track stuff as well. It is really hard to pick parts for someone else, but here goes, based on my experience. For someone that does race a real car I think a few things are absolutely necessary: a pedal set with a load cell brake, a real steering wheel rim (not a toy), Simvibe and a good cockpit that can take loads from the load cell and simvibe (again not a toy). Here are some specifics: 1) You need a good gaming computer, as you know. I'd look for one that is "VR" ready....that's basically a marketing name for a machine that can run Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Although you have stated triples, it would pay to be ready for VR in case you decide to go that way. Any machine that can run VR should do ok with triples (unless you go 4k triples). Figure $800 minimum here to run triples in 1080p.....here is a good example. BTW, you don't need to spend mega bucks on the computer as iRacing is not terribly demanding (like Project Cars or Assetto Corsa are). There are some $600 rigs that will work. 2) If you are firm on triples (and not VR) I'd go with 27" that do freesync (AMD) or g-sync (nvidia). These standards allow the screen to re-draw in a fluid way so there is less jaggies and screen tearing, both of which can be fatiguing. Freesync is a LOT cheaper in the monitors....they start at $150 for 1080p, but if the budget allows I'd go for 144hz freesync at $399. The starting point for g-sync is $500 each, so I'm not heading there. The high rate freesync is the sweet spot, I think as motion becomes so much more fluid above 90hz. I should also point out that at this point you'll spend double the cost of VR. I'd at least try to sample a VR headset to see if you like it (I'm not sold yet). 3) I'm going to the pedals next......you will absolutely want a pedal set with a load cell brake. This is not negotiable for anyone that has raced a real car. It will drive you nuts how difficult it is to modulate brakes without a load cell (it is sooooo much harder in the sims even with the load cell. Without a load cell you may give up early). The starting point here is $199 for Fanatec CSL Elites or $299 for the clubsport v3. 4) I do not have experience with Fanatec's wheels, but the Clubsport v2 Base ($599) is well reviewed. I'd go with the BMW GT2 wheel (you will want a full size wheel, this one is 320mm -- $249) and clubsport shifter ($199). There is a discount if you buy all this together with pedals so you may get the whole set for around $1200 including the pedals above. I use the Thrustmaster TX (or t300RS) with the 599xx Evo rim and am very happy with that....Ricmotech will sell you this for $469 with pedals....add $169 for the load cell and $160 for the shifter and you're all in at $800 for controls. 5) I'm not a fan of most cockpits you'll find....they're built to a price point and come up lacking one way or another. I'd build an RS1 cockpit from Ricmotech plans...you should be able to do this for $250 or so...this way you can decide yourself on the quality of materials, how everything will lay out, etc. 6) You will need Simvibe from Simexperience...it is so very worth it. The software part is $89, plus at least $150 for an amp and $300 for transducers. In fact, while you are building the RS1 cockpit I would build it with transducers in mind....isolate the seat and put a big Buttkicker LFE under there ($250) and also isolate the pedal deck and use an Aura pro or the like ($50 - you don't need as much movement on the pedals). It takes quite a bit of work to set up simvibe, but it is worth it. 7) Audio system is just a headset. I like the ones with vibration in them....adds just a touch of feedback. Skullcandy Crushers have stereo vibration that works well ($99). (Edit: The Skullcandy Crushers wireless worked well in the store, the wired ones not so much.) I haven't added all this up, but it's got to be over $4000 by now and I haven't added cables and monitor mounts -- so you'll probably have to go with the cheaper monitors to hit your budget. I will tell you that it is worth the investment either way...your driving in real life will improve as a result and you'll get more out of your real track time. You'll also be amazed at how much better (and realistic) this is than GT on PS3 -- get above the rookie level on iRacing and you'll find it to be very close to real racing, minus the late nights working on the car. It should be a no-brainer for anyone with a race car. PS if you're near the Detroit area I'd be happy to do a demo.
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    After trying both I prefer the HE Ultimates, I prefer the feel and they make a lot less noise than the HPP which is a big bonus for me.
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    Pranizzle, The new forums shuffled the pages. I believe that simul8r's plans are now on page 7 in this post. A lot of the pictures associated are in simul8r's posts in page 8 and 9. I will be posting a new set of drawings with various options once my rig is complete. I have my seat and am working on the mounting options for both my G27 wheel set and X45 flight set. I will also be detailing the patterns for mounting both. G25 and G27 mount templates are identical. They are VERY hard if not impossible to find on the net, So I made a few of my own as well as for the X45 throttle and stick. Good luck with your build!
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    FCONE: Hehe, I see wifes has something common no matter which country they are from. All of them doesn't like "us" cutting, fixing ,building anything at home. It is why all wife friendly solutions are so welcome.