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    I believe someone is hired to post news on the website and to post in twitter.
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    It will be very sad to see this place abandoned....
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    I managed to fix the wheel. The issue was with the wheel's motor, where the magnetic core had come loose from the shaft itself. Much thanks to Fikszyn who described this problem in https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic3176691.html thread. The disassembly of the motor was not easy, but manageable with the right tools. I had to use CA solvent to detach the motor's pcb from the housing as it was glued in. I cleaned the shaft spacers and the magnetic core with solvent and then applied a red loctite and let it cure overnight. After assembly and running the thrustmaster calibration tool the wheel works perfectly! Here is the video of the core shifting under load https://youtu.be/-fx8ihq2U-g And some pictures of disassembled and then assembled motor. Hope this will help all those strangers who wander the internets in search for a fix for TX/T300 wheels with calibration problems!
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    Fanatec Setup for PC, PS4, Xbox One

    Hello, You need to have CSL Racing wheel PS4 model + CSL P1 rim or CSL P1 Elite rim or Clubsport Xbox Universal Hub! Cheers!
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    RSeat for Racing and Flying

    It's actually quite simple. Bought a long piece of steel plate and cut it to size, and drill a few holes. Velcro is applied along the plate as it sticks to the existing fussy seat bottom. I didn't want to drill any holes in the chair, so I use the existing seatbelt hole and a metal square washer to sandwich the plate in place.
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    3D Printed H+SQ Shifter SHH Owners here

    Hi, Guys I just received my 3D printed SHH shifter. I opened the box and saw it in hands, but I didn`t had time to test it - I am out on a trip for a maybe month or two. I will be happy to hear your opinion - pros, cons and to discuss here in general for that shifter. I mean this one: http://www.shiftershh.com/en/ I love H shifters - I have Fanatec CSS, Frex H, TH8A, SST Lightning, Logitech ones etc..
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    Happy Birthday Darin

    Happy Birthday Darin, Have a great birthday
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    I didn't never measure the torque, I think is about 1,5-2x the original, not more. Keep in mind that using an 30Vx5A does not mean you give 5A to the wheel...actually, supposing the internal resistance remain rought the same, 30V instead 24V mean you have 25% more Ampere, probably some more for less Voltage drop under load. Roughly, 50% more power....And this is like what I've feel: about double speed without load, more torque during feedback, but not more over 1,5x.
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    'The Alcantara COVERUP' Modded 599xx Rim

    Lol, the carbon fil!
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    'The Alcantara COVERUP' Modded 599xx Rim

    I always said it was a good job that we didnt have a cat! Cos if it stayed still too long Id carbon wrap it! Good job bud!
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    Awesome, that clears it up perfectly, big thanks for taking the time to do that 👍🏼
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    'The Alcantara COVERUP' Modded 599xx Rim

    was the offcut that you had leftover not big enough to stitch on to cover the spokes?
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    'The Alcantara COVERUP' Modded 599xx Rim

    well done, very neat job.
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    Greetings angor and all of you who are still keeping this thread alive. Seems like we made some monumental strides in this effort to mod the outdated g25's and 27's and probably the 29's but that's still to be determine I'm sure. The real question is how much torque gain have we produce by this mod. This is where I'd like to push this discussion even further. We know that the original power supply for the g27 is rated for 24v @ 1.75a which equals to 42watts (v * amp = watts). So what is the real torque rated for this wheel? While searching online I found the following. Exhibit A: This data was complied by it's author and experimenter I believe: http://www.edracing.com/edr/Wheel-Torque.php Logitech DFGT: less than 2.5 Nm Logitech G25: 2.5 Nm Logitech G27: 2.3 Nm Logitech G29: 2.1 Nm - not a retail release version of wheel Logitech G920 2.2 Nm Fanatech GT3 v2: 2.6 Nm Thrustmaster Tx: 3.9 Nm Thrustmaster T500: 4.4 Nm Fanatec CSW v1: 4.8 Nm Fanatec CSW v2: 7.1 Nm Exhibit B: This youtube video shows this person attaching some sort of amp meter to the g25 and was reading the wattage pulled by the wheel has he turns it in force feedback. Notice the meter reading between 40 and 43watts. Let's all agree this is consistent to 42watts +/- : If I'm not mistaken the g25 uses the same 24v @ 1.75a power supply like the g27. If I'm assuming this correctly then the total 42 wattage pulled by the wheel (shown in the vid) while in force feedback equates to 2.5Nm as depicted in the above chart. My question is if the g25's power was modded to 30v @ 5a (as an example) would this mean that 30 * 5 = 150watts divided by the original 42watts is 3.57 which is 3 and half times more torque to the wheel's original 2.5Nm? This would mean 8.75Nm total after the mod....as much as I'd like to believe this would be true I, however, think that's doubtful. And just so we can compare, the Fanatec CSW v2 is rated at 7.1Nm as shown in the chart above. so....LET THE DISCUSSION BEGIN!
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    I will recommend Drivehub! For 90$ you have all from CPX and tons more! Just check it on their website to see!;)
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    Clubsport sq help

    What TommyD said must solve the problem. This update have nothing related to the shifter itself - just updates the USB adapter...So, please do what is suggested in the previous post and report here what is the result!
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    T300 power cable

    Hello, only from Thrustmaster or from someone that sells for parts T300RS or TX wheel.
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    Actually, I'm using 30V from years without problems, so I suggest to take the 30V/5A to achieve the best result not over, due to possibly issue with usb
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    sure, you have two ways: - buy a 50$ thermocamera - use your cheaper fingers.... BTW, I use a very empirical way: if you can stay with finger on the transistor for at least 5-10 seconds without too much pain, its temperature is below 50-55°C and it is safe for transistor (they blow when go over 70-80° or more)....not more than 10 seconds, because when you put your finger on transistor, you alter the heat dissipation (highter or lower, you can't know)
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    hi I don't agree with the autor of that article first: what give the torque is Ampere, so if you want to increase torque you need more ampere....but Ampere comes from increasing Volt, because the Ohm's law say this: if resistence and Volt remain the same, Ampere too remain the same. Ok, there are situations where the supply can't give all the Ampere required by Resistance, then also the Volt decreases, but this is not the case of OEM supply. It erogate even less than Ampere it could give. So, basically, increase only the Ampere capacity of the supply is useless. second: the problems, when Ampere increase, are not only for motors, but mainly they come from the electronic. All the MOSFET inside the wheel are without heat dissipator: if you double the current, you double the heating and you risk to blow the components. So, at the end, I don't think is a good solution
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    My dissapoinment is the impact for the forum... I see the forum as standalone place where we can meet each other , help each other, discuss ot buy and sell stuff... maybe it`s just me, but my presence here is not related to the youtube show and to the ISR website with articles. All of you makes me visit here!
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    CSL Elite coil noise

    great stuff mate! glad your sorted properly with no need for bodging or a workaround. phil
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    Hi, Seriously for 6658 € exc tax, you could have 4 X PRS 200 6'' with speed 280mm/s and acceleration : 2G garanteed until 193kg (426lbs) (for each actuator) ..... could raise theoricaly until 600kg (1322 lbs)/actuator but speed and acceleration low. For 5408 € you could have 4 X PRS 200 4'' with speed 280mm/s and acceleration : 2G garanteed until 193kg (426lbs). BTW, 4'' is enought for simracing and 6" is great for mixing simracing and planes games. Under 4", you won't have all informations of car and road inclinaison. Check this post for more information :
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    CSL Elite coil noise

    I never had this issue with older firmwares, but great hear it is fixed for you!
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    I did receive a heap of help from the forums, I remember when I got into sim racing, it was the place to be. We can beat the dead horse all we like, but it will NEVER be the same. The DNA has been removed completely. I mean when Shaun departed it probably had a slightly similar feeling. I was not around for that but when I started I watched a tonne of older content and you could see it was different after. What remains to be seen is, is this a purely business move to either eventually push products or block another opportunity from a competitor to do the same thing? Who knows, but with something like a YouTube channel I find it extremely weird to be able to sell it off and it have the same appeal and value as the original creator. I mean, even when creators change the direction and focus of their main content in order to gain broader appeal, their subs are all over them for it. Not sure how the numbers stack with this decision, but there must be some merit behind it otherwise it's just a waste of time and cash.
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    Yes, Bundy... I saw this,too... back in the days here was impossible to post article and to do not have many answers...now it is a miracle if someone reply to you.... infact the most active topic is this one;) Sad, but true!
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    3D Printed H+SQ Shifter SHH Owners here

    From the good shifter on acceptable price I never had in hands only the TSW H shifter.
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    The hook for me we're the hardware video reviews, I think that's what drove traffic to these forums. The ISR forums even at their peak still wasn't the most active sim racing destination, so now that this website is pretty much left to rot with it's piecemeal news section I'm not surprised it's being abandoned.
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    The strangest thing for me is the forum - I mean the forum here belongs to us and counts on users. Somehow the forum is related to the Youtube channel obviously - as the result of stopped channel makes the forum on photosynthesis now! I mean other simracing forums work great without youtube or show, but here the case is different as we see...
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    and finally, she's unveiled

    hi, wanted to share with you chaps the finished article. a few people have been very helpful in getting this thing built and i wanted to say thanks to the community as a whole. some of my choices have been explicitly as a result of feedback ive gotten here. and so... less chitchat more toys: rseat rs1 rig fanatec gt2 bmw wheel / momo racing wheel (not mounted yet) osw simucube from SimRacingBay (great great people, product, everything) pro-sim h-shifter heusinkveld ultimate pedals heusinkveld handbrake (yet to mount, still deliberating best place for it)
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    Yes the problem with the way the site is run now is that there is absolutely no communication and sense of community anymore. The way the channel was run for a very long time was with passion and love for what Darin and Shaun did. The sense of community was unbelievable and even though I've only been around for a little over 2 years, ISR was the place to be for me. You can see it in the older videos how much care and respect they had for the site, the show and the community. It is really sad to see it being dropped off a cliff like this but I do still visit regularly here in the forums to keep in touch. But many won't as what keeps people interested is the connection and the feeling of community. Hopefully one day it returns.
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    Can anybody give me some advice?

    Highly recommend to get your hands a little dirty and invest into buying parts and building your own. You can still do small form factor without having to buy pre-built. I am about to do the same thing for a small workstation upstairs, no gaming. So small case (preferably a nice looking one) APU type processor that negates the need to purchase insanely high discrete GPU at this stage, and a decent amount of RAM. That's me anyway, for your PC obviously purcahse the hardware that makes the most sense to you. I think there are some small form factor cases that allow the mounting of one large discrete GPU (GTX 1070 or Vega 56 most likely choice for gaming at this point) with decent air flow. Do some research and you will discover how much more you can get for your money and also what fun putting together a PC of your own really is!
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    It would help if the new owner would just release a mission statement for the site to introduce himself & give a outline of what he is planning to do! At this point everyone is in the dark & just hopping to see improvement in content, hardware/software reviews, etc.
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    I tried the damper kit on my set of Fanatec pedals (no longer own them) and it was pretty terrible. The throttle return felt sluggish with the damper installed. But even pushing on the throttle didn't feel right, the resistance just didn't feel realistic.
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    Trouble is, people including myself, bother less and less to visit this site. Then one day we don't bother returning...ever.
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    and finally, she's unveiled

    I have the Heusinkveld pro set and I had the same issue. I went and bought a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" piece of aluminum angle and cut it to to fit underneath and mounted it to the bottom of the plate through the screws of the back of the pedals to reinforced a plate make it solid
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    Is ISRTV Youtube channel dead in 2018?

    Crew from 5-6 people can run ISR perfect!
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    rseat rs1 vs. human racing gt chassis

    I would have to ask what are you planning on using for race gear? Thrustmaster, Fanatec, or Direct Drive? This does have a lot to do with what you are choosing. I would not recommend a Direct Drive for either one of the chassis that you had links to, if Direct Drive is what you will be using. Personally I got the RSeat N1 chassis and I think it is great, I use a Simucube 30nm Direct Drive on it and I have the swing arm keyboard and the tablet and button box arm on the other side and I get some shaking in the front but nothing terrible. My wheel/direct drive is pretty heavy and the N1 handles it fine. As far as service goes, the RSeat guys are great , instant response and pretty quick with getting everything shipped to you.
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    Yes, it stopped working after a day or two for me as well. But if I do it again, it fixes it again. Even though the custom TM Control Center disappears, all of it's settings are still there and working as far as I can tell. So, if I need to change something(which is not often), I just do this fix again. It's very annoying. If you find a permanent fix, please post it back here.
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    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

    Guys, if anybody is disapointed - I will buy it from him!;) Just to know - ready to buy person is me!:)
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    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

    The shifter paddles/handles can`t be done from plastic in 2018:) Even cheap wheels like T150 make it from metal these days! The clutch one will be in use very rare and I am sure this will be one of the first community mods - to make this paddles from metal;)
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    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

    I saw clutch paddles are from plastic...there is no much tension there to press hard, but the idea to feel plastic there is not good. But all improvements can be done on a final cost. Handles can be alkantara too etc , but that rim will cost 279 Euro in that case with all small improvements. So, I prefer the choice to make it affordable..looks really good!
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    Can anybody give me some advice?

    Those are mediocre at best for performance per dollar I mean.
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    80/20 Rig

    I hope you enjoy the build pictorial as much as I enjoyed building it! Design is a replica of this: http://www.motedis.com/shop/Friends-of/KPCR-Piez-RIG-Expert::866.html I apologize ahead of time - I gave the designer my word to not share his plans. I have his email address if you are interested. Designer is no longer replying to requests.
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    SimVibe Alternatives?

    That may very well be the case but as I hadn't backed it up I needed to get a new key from them - the issue also being their incredibly rude attitude and weeks and weeks of lying to me after finally promising to issue me a refund. Treating me like a pirate when I'm not at all is NOT an excuse - I have a single Sim rig and do NOT share software with others no pirate it. Companies treating me like I am or do is unacceptable, period.
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    Motion Simulation

    I wrote some posts about sim rigs and motion on another forum so I'm copying and pasting it below (Admin - I hope that is okay. Just delete this post if it is not). It's a wall of text and may or may not assist you but I hope it gives some ideas of sim rig components and motion, albeit not at the price point you are seeking. To be honest you will struggle to find any decent hardware new that includes an off-the-shelf Sim Rig, Screen, Sound, Peripherals and a motion platform for USD 3K. I agree with Jeremy that you either go second-hand and gradually build it up or go DIY. Motion is likely to be the most expensive component. Remove that and you are getting closer to your price range. Instead of motion you may want to consider Tactile Transducers (e.g. ButtKickers) and SimVibe which provides a convincing vibration effect across the sim rig; a sort of compromise between static & motion rigs. If you really want motion, get a rig that supports motion so you have room to grow. Good luck ================================================== Posted 09 August 2017 at 10:35pm Cybersteel8 writes... I want to get into the full simulator experience, but I'm not too sure where to start....I might just be bad at searching the internet, but does anyone here have some advice on which cockpits and racing equipment are good/would recommend? Also, what places would I go to shop for this stuff? There are quite a few Australian car racing sim rig manufacturers or re-sellers if you want the “full simulator experience”. As you are in Victoria I'm going to name some local providers. VICTORIA ------------- https://www.racelogic.com.au/ – this site specialises in Heusinkveld GT Sim Rig and Heusinkveld parts (e.g. pedals, shifters, handbrake etc.). Fantastic kit. Super sturdy and reliable. He can also source very high end parts and can build you a turn-key rig ranging from say AUD $5,000+. Top notch service and highly recommended for top end hardware. http://www.simworx.com.au/ – Medium to High end kit, locally made. http://www.hyperstimulator.com/ – Medium range kit, locally made https://www.simulate-it.com.au/ – Medium range sim rig. Many serious sim racers use 80/20 Aluminium Extrusion for their rigs. It's a bit like Meccano where you build any structure you want. It is really stiff and sturdy which is the difference between a low end rig like Next Level Racing and a top end rig. High end wheels can generate well over 20nm of torque and pedals can take up to say 150kg of brake foot pressure. This can generate a lot of sim rig flex in lower end rigs which is to be avoided. 80/20 suppliers in Melbourne include: http://www.mkalu.com/ http://www.amesystem.com.au/home/ http://www.aurarum.com.au/ There are also really good sim rig builders and re-sellers in Sydney but this list should get you started. In terms of racing equipment, for the full simulator experience I would recommend in order of priority (rig, screens, seat, pedals, wheel, sound, transducers, shifter, handbrake): a) 80/20 Aluminium Extrusion Sim Rig Oculus Rift and / or Triple Ultra-Wide Screens with a minimum 120Mhz refresh rate c) Replica Racing Seat (e.g. Bride or Sparco) d) Heusinkveld Pro Pedals e) SimuCube OSW Force Feedback System (i.e. the motor that drives the wheel) f) Replica Momo / Sparco / Other Wheel (whatever takes your fancy) g) 5.1 Sound System with strong subwoofer and / or Headphones h) Tactile Transducers i) Simxperience Simvibe software to drive the Tactile transducers j) Heusinkveld Shifter k) Heusinkveld Handbrake In my view above gives great bang for buck for a high end rig. Together with a reasonably fast PC (but without the triple screens) you could probably source all of above for around AUD 12,500. Motion is what separates the ordinary rigs from the expensive rigs. There are quite a few new motion systems coming out in 2017, but other than CKAS (Tullamarine) and SimWorx (Bayswater) the rest are from Europe, Korea or USA; albeit there are re-sellers in other states of Australia. Domestic motion platform starts at around AUD 3,000 and can go up to AUD 100,000+ on top of the sim rig cost above. Many sim rig pictures are locked behind paywalls like iRacing but below are a couple of sites to peruse. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/show-your-cockpit.19/ or http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21949-The-big-Show-your-own-race-rig-setup-topic If this is above your budget then pick hardware commensurate to your rig. For example don't put a $2,000 Force Feedback System onto a $100 rig as the rig can't handle the load. Mid-range hardware includes the Fanatec CSW 2.5 wheel, V3 pedals and shifter / handbrake. Like Thrustmaster they are very good for low-mid range sim rigs. Thrustmaster products can be sourced at a number of locations in Melbourne include https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Game-Devices/Steering-Wheels Good luck. Like any hobby there is a lot of money you can spend here. Cheers ================================================== Posted 02 September 2017 at 5:40 pm wolfie81 writes... A company needs to create a rig where the two positions can be adjusted electronically. Much like automated/memory settings on real life car seats. Pro-Sim's Evolution II is a F1 / GT Sim Rig in one and includes hydraulic adjustment to switch positions. A kitted out Pro-Sim Evolution II chassis is over AUD 50K shipped to Australia. On top of that would be the PC, Screens and Sound. http://www.pro-sim.co.uk/sim-sales/evolution-simulators/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCvpjxG4vgA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKE7Amm7rI In relation to motion simulators there is probably one key maxim; No domestic motion simulator today can simulate a real racing car. Simulating G-Forces and adrenaline would require a NASA-type simulator, however domestic motion platform do provide immersion. Motion is a sub-niche within the small niche Sim Rig market however this industry is starting to blossom in 2017 and there are three key platform types: a) Seat Movers; Chassis Movers; and c) in 2017 new motion platforms allow a static or seat mover rig to sit onto of a chassis mover. All have their merits with seat movers requiring smaller actuators as they are only moving the seat and you as opposed to the entire chassis. Within each sub-category above there are many different motion platform brands providing varying degrees of freedom (DoF). Whichever you choose I'd recommend testing the motion platform first; admittedly this can be difficult in Australia. As an example I originally considered one type of Seat Mover however found the actuators’ squeaking sounds irritating enough to switch to a silent chassis mover which I also felt to be more immersive. One counter-intuitive recommendation for car racing motion is less is more. Smaller amounts of motion provides a better car racing sensation and feels less like a flight or rollercoaster simulator. The added benefit is it also costs less. As an example three Vesaro Sim Rig models at https://www.vesaro.com include: 1) McLaren Sports Series – Tier 3 (incl. D-Box Motion Platform with 1.5 inches of actuator travel) – Price £34,549.00 plus shipping 2) McLaren Super Series – Tier 1 (incl. D-Box Motion Platform 3.0 with inches of actuator travel & upgraded PC) – Price £61,549.00 plus shipping 3) McLaren Ultimate Series – Tier 1 (incl. D-Box Motion Platform with 6.0 inches of actuator travel & carbon seat) – Price £71,549.00 plus shipping For car racing simulators I'd recommend the cheapest one with only 1.5" actuator travel as more car racing like. Spending more money on domestic motion platforms does not necessarily equate to a better car racing experience. If motion is stretching the budget, then the pricing order is: a) Tactile transducers (e.g. ButtKickers) and the SimXperience SimVibe software. This provide directional chassis vibrations which is surprisingly convincing and reasonably low cost; A Seat mover is next up on the price chain, and this combined with SimVibe's tactile feedback above provides a very immersive experience; and c) The chassis mover is more costly again but some units can provide both motion and tactile feedback in one integrated experience. To top it off combining Virtual Reality with a motion platform really makes car racing immersion pop and come alive. A downside to motion platforms other than cost is game software support. Every motion platform requires data outputs from the game to tell the actuators what motion to simulate. As motion is such a minuscule part of the gaming industry, few software houses build motion codes into their games. It's a bit of chicken and egg. Game software houses won't focus on motion support until there is sufficient critical mass, and motion platforms will struggle to proliferate without wide-spread game support; stifling innovation and cost reductions to reach the critical masses. Consequently other than hard core flight and car racing games, there is almost no motion support from big name games. ================================================== Posted: 04 September 2017 at 3:15 pm wolfie81 writes... It won't be happening anytime soon, but I suspect within 5 years, ill have a budget motion simulator costing up to, at most, 15k. I remember reading somewhere a DoF brand that had it quite cheap, in the 5k range. Im sure that is well and truly good enough for the every day fan. EDIT: this is it. http://dofreality.com Seems good enough tbh. I haven't used the dofreality motion platform however be mindful that sim racing can be hard on actuators. Unlike flight sims, car racing games generate near constant actuator movement and durability may be a long-term factor. The Vesaro McLaren Driving Simulators above may be considered high cost but it does use serious sim racing hardware including force feedback systems, pedals and the D-Box 4250i motion platform. The D-Box motion platform moves the entire chassis and is commercial grade. D-Box uses their "i" series actuators in movie cinemas. It's durable and priced accordingly. As the OP was considering an rSeat chassis, I did a comparison on how both rSeat and Vesaro cost D-Box’s different motion specs (1.5", 3.0" and 6.0" of actuator travel): SPECS rSeat N1 Racing Cockpit (https://www.rseataustralia.com/) - Fully optioned Chassis only (no PC, screens, pedals, force feedback systems, wheels, sound etc.) Vesaro McLaren Driving Simulator (https://www.vesaro.com/) - Fully kitted out, McLaren branded Turn Key Solution (incl. PC, screens, pedals, force feedback systems, wheels, sound etc.). D-Box 4250i (http://www.d-box.com/) - Commercial grade hardware with 114kg max lifting capacity per actuator (or 456kg for 4 actuators). Provides Pitch, Roll, Heave and tactile vibrations. Supports single and double seats. - D-Box 4250i (1.5” Motion) retails for around AUD 18,000 plus shipping to Australia PRICING (excluding shipping) Chassis Only rSeat N1 (No Motion): AUD 2,140 rSeat N1 (D-Box 1.5" Motion): AUD 21,477 (+ AUD 19,337) rSeat N1 (D-Box 3.0" Motion): AUD 32,847 (+ AUD 30,707) rSeat N1 (D-Box 6.0" Motion): AUD 45,481 (+ AUD 43,341) Turn Key Solution Vesaro McLaren Sports Series – Tier 2 (Upgraded to match below units) – No Motion: AUD 55,341 Vesaro McLaren Sports Series – Tier 5 (D-Box 1.5" Motion): AUD 77,476 (+ AUD 22,135) Vesaro McLaren Super Series – Tier 1 (D-Box 3.0" Motion): AUD 100,288 (+ AUD 44,947) Vesaro McLaren Ultimate Series – Tier 1 (D-Box 6.0" Motion): AUD 116,582 (+ AUD 61,241) Based on AUD/USD 0.797 and AUD/GBP 0.615. As I mentioned in an earlier post smaller motion travel provides better immersion for car simulators and therefore based on the rSeat you could save over AUD 43K (or AUD 61K for the McLaren) by selecting the 1.5" instead of 6.0" actuators and get something more effective. Even D-Box only installs the 1.5" actuators in their commercial movie cinemas. Trác writes... This thread sounds like a divorce waiting to happen! Probably cheaper too! D-Box is not the most expensive motion platform used domestically, but there is a growing number of them in homes. There are a quite a number of people with big home theatre systems and D-Box cinema seats, which use identical motion actuators as Sim Rigs. Retail outlets include http://www.visionliving.com.au/home-cinema/d-box-motion-simulation-seating and http://www.wavetrain.com.au/ This gives a view of what it may cost to put a commercial grade motion platform in your own home. If this is outside your budget, there are many domestic motion platforms out there; some under-developed, some rough & ready, some more catered for flight and rollercoaster games and some that are very good for car racing. Just carefully select the one that best suits your objective and budget.
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    BattleGears T3pa 3D Print Pad Mod

    if you want them too i have good news for you... i have uploaded the files on thingiverse! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2183375 have fun with it
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    HPP all the way here. I have the first set of GT pedals Mark ever produced. Still going!