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    Finished off the lid tonight. Glued in the red perspex sheet, I used my new batteries to weight it down (More on the new batteries in the next update The perspex window looks pretty sweet with the LED strip turned off. You can still see all the motor controllers inside Next up I tested the LED strip, really bright. Cut the LED strip and soldered all of the connectors between the LED segments and made a little header cable that goes down to the fan header board that I made in a previous update. Tested the LEDs. Super bright when viewed from this side. Put the lid back own and tested the LEDs and OMG does it ever look amazing. Looks way better in person because the camera can't really pick up the red, but the LEDs are the perfect brightness The LEDs and fans are hooked up to the kill switches so when the simulator is turned off then the LEDs will all be off, and then when you switch on the simulator then it all lights up. I am really happy with how dark the red perspex is you can still see all the components inside when the LEDs are off but it looks nice and dark. And then when the LEDs are on then it has such an awesome glow to it. It turned out exactly how I pictured it when I was designing it.
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    It was the NZ elections today and my sisters birthday party, so I was pretty busy voting and then watching the election results but I still managed to spend a bit of time on the project. Designed the holes for the cable glands and printed the vent panel Installed all the cable glands Test fitted the panel in the case Heaps of airflow across the controllers Next I moved on to crimping some more of my tiny wires for the headers on the Arduino. I really like crimping header pins, they are so tiny Made some super short cables for the Sabertooth and Syren to the Arduino Plugged them in to the Arduino shield I made I also designed the lid for my box. It will have a red perspex window. I will also have some LED strips that will turn on when I turn on the power to the simulator
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    Uh uh, I'm not reading any further in this thread. I've seen how this one ends!! Seriously though, kickass build!
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    Fanatec direct drive wheel(s)

    That's just camouflage coating...like with cars in the real world.Realism at its best
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    No TWISR since August 1

    Thanks for the info @ELBUCHO1 ....thats fair enough, guys are do a great job but feels like there trying to do more than they can and the show was lacking consistency. Be better if the show was once a month. Am guessing since theres new owners of the brand changes are taking place....Anyway i've given up checking for weds show .
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    WRC7 so far i like it a lot!

    After several months of silence I feel the need to share my feelings for this new title. Honestly i was very skeptical in pre-order WRC7 after the huge disappointment with Dirt4 that was pumped for several months giving me the impression and the the hope for a good title. WRC4 /5 and 6 i really never played because all the issue the we all know but the new one i start building some hope watching some rare footage where the comment were positive and the Dev were promising a much more realistic title from the previous one. I found a not expensive pre-order key on Instant Gaming and for the same price of a bottle of wine i said lets take a chance again. Well, I strongly believe they deliver and the totally meet my expectations. my idea of be able to follow the real WRC and racing in the same location during the actual WRC weekend is taking shape. It is far from being a true sim like RBR or a perfect title specially for the lack of USB devices support (hard to setup analog HB) but can offer me the same or even better experience than Dirt Rally. Graphycs are good - Physics are good - speed feeling very good - FFB and sound not that shabby, so for me this one is a winner. I played DR for about 1100 hours and only 45 hours of Dirt4 and i can see me playing this one for very long. I hope to see you soon on my friend leader-board to compare apples with apples! a presto TT
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    Old Timer

    My NEW TS-XW Racer

    Hello everyone, After re-mapping all my Sims I thought I would place some numbers on the buttons just to jog my memory...old age...lol... as the numbering sequence is not exactly logical. I have also attached a PDF with the circles and numbers if anyone with this wheel wants to do the same thing...you could go to your local Signage firm and get them to cut the circle and numbers out of '3M 7725' brand vinyl on their Vinyl Plotter. TS XW RACER Button Numbers.pdf
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    Fantastic rig, I love the personal touches you made to the original OSR design. Next upgrade should be a direct drive wheel with some custom OSR race wheels
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    Lekker bezig zeg! Heel cool en professioneel gedaan!
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    My NEW TS-XW Racer

    While I've sailed far away from the Thrustmaster ship... the Sparco rim is really attractive. Glad you're enjoying your upgrade.
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    Thrustmaster Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

    Here's a video of a simple mod to get that magnetic shifter feel on Thrustmaster Wheels
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    Thoughts on PC2 for Simulation

    Pcars2 is pretty Good in IMO. The Biggest problem with Pcars1 and it seems its going to be the same with Pcars2 is the WMD Members that bought into SMS.. Key words bought into SMS---> many of them Dont Know Much about anything regarding FFB but they wear the WMD Logo on their web site Profile and spread Rubbish about How to tweek Pcars FFB --> people follow them like Sheep instead of thinking for themselves!!! Pcars1 was a totally open FFB system that proved too complicated for most. --> Pcars2 is a semi open FFB system Both of these FFB systems are designed so that you the user can tune your FFB to your Specific FFB taste and wheel used --> The FFB settings provided by SMS are just a starting point to give you general out the Box FFB that feels reasonably decent... There is No way SMS could have set the FFB to meet every 1's individual FFB taste and when you add the fact that there are many different wheels bei g used the problem of creating FFB that meets every 1's Expectations or Needs is Huge!!! Just remeber if it feels Good then it is Good!!! Dont be afraid to explore your own FFB options and taste... No one can tell you what feels best for you!
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    Nightmare Over - Build Now Underway

    The final pics before I do the Cable Management
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    After the nightmare problems with suppliers and courier services detailed in full in my other thread, I figured I would start a new thread now most of the parts are here and building has started.. I am still waiting for some parts from Sim Lab due to their holiday break, so the build is on hold again as I can mount the new triple monitors until the brackets arrive. I have however built 90% of the frame, mounted the seat, wheel and HE pedal set. I may need to add a checker plate heel rest, ill see how i get on. I am going to make a bracket for the Razer Black Widow keyboard tomorrow then thats it until the SimLab order arrives on Monday.
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    Thanks Seb. I am really pleased with how the LEDs turned out. I am glad I decided to do the perspex window and LED. It added a bit more complexity but totally worth it. I figured since I was doing so my cool design on the inside that it would be a shame to hide it away in a boring black box Finished the wiring for the kill switches fuse and relay. Here is the wiring for the relay control circuit. red cable goes to the main 12V in, it first goes off to the fuse, this fuse is just for the relay control circuit, not the main fuse for the motors. They then go up to the two sockets for the kill switches, then off to the relay. Tested the fit back in the case Made all the leads going up to the relay. Ran wires back to the fan header board Connected a battery so I can test the relay. it all works perfectly. When you enable both switches then you hear the relay click and the boards, fans and LEDs all turn on. The big red wire coming from the bottom of the photo is the main 12V coming it, and the one that looks back under to the left is the 12V after the relay, so the relay is just basically a switch that connects those 2 wires
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    Compatibility Fanatec

    Why wouldn't it? You're making the pedals a USB device. The Fanatec wheel will be it's own USB device. The game/sim will just see 2 USB devices, one wheel and one pedals. Oh I forgot you wanted to use the shifter as well. Here is an adapter for that, also by Leo Bodner and for 19.99GBP. So now the game/sim will see 3 separate USB devices.
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    No TWISR since August 1

    Just thought I'd pipe up and tell the world that I'm missing it too! Youtube is fine, but it's hard to watch while driving to work.
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    Hi, i bought a set of brand new T3PA Pro pedals a month ago but then decided to invest heavily in a set of HE pedals for you new rig. So this brand new in box set of T3PA Pro pedals is for sale. NOW SOLD
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    Another update. Printed the lid and did a test fit. Everything fits fine I printed a cutout for the red perspex window so you will be able to see all the goodies inside Test fitted the perspex sheet. It fits perfectly but I will keep the protective backing on it until I am ready to glue down the window
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    My diy 3dof motion rig & my TC-R1

    The 17kg is based on official information and that refers to a pull force (yeah I know, should say 170N) at the handle. I'm using a softer rubber, which results in me hitting the stopper at approx. 10kg/100N. 17kg would be too much for me.
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    Mate, how are you going with your rig?
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    Building my first rig

    Been a while since I've updated. Went to dedicated VR over the winter so I changed a few things up. Just ordered some v3 inverted pedals, looking forward to having a more realistic brake. Not a big fan of the feel of the thrustmaster with the load cell.
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    Tonight I made a start on the fan panel. It holds the fans plus the fuse and killswitches for the relay. I decided I would make a little fan header board for my fans and LEDs so I could have them looking all neat and tidy. I brought a little prototype board and marked out where I wanted to cut. I picked this board because it has that nice rail down the middle which I can use as a power bus Soldered on my header connectors. One of them will be 12v in and the others are for the fans and LEDs. Here you can see the backside and how I have connected it all Designed a little clip in holder for the board and tested a small test, only took 9 minutes to print so it was worth doing before adding it to the panel Tested the fit. It fits perfectly and it snaps in there nicely. Printed the fan panel with the new board mount. Is it just me or does it look like the Eek! emoji on the right Installed all the fans, board, fuse and sockets for the killswitches Nice and neat cable management under the fans Trimmed the wires to the perfect length and crimped on the header pins and connected them up to the board The outside looks really nice with the dust covers and black countersunk screws. Slid the panel in to the case. It is really coming together now, looks really cool Looks really good on the inside, everything is so tightly packed inside. I was limited by the size of my 3D printer so it was quite a challenge to get everything cramped in there Really nice airflow over the controllers.
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    The T300 is a good choice and as you said if it at all dies you still have a nice rim (and pedals) that you can use with another Thrustmaster base. Don't worry about the age of them. It's the popularity you should think about. Because both the T300 and G29/920 are so popular the game makers have to keep them in mind with support or they will have huge number of people complaining. It'll be years before either one of them will die off. The USB thing. I know from experience that the TH8A shifter (from Thrustmaster) for the PC requires you to connect it via USB, despite the fact that there is a port on the back of the T300 for it but it's only for consoles. It's funny how of all of the reviews I've watched and read, no one ever mentioned that part. I know it doesn't make any sense but I asked about it and TM's support said it was because Windows only allows a limited number of buttons, which also didn't make a lot of sense. So that's 1 USB port for the wheel and 1 for the shifter, the pedals plugin to the wheel base. You can, although they (TM support) will tell you not to, use a USB hub to plug the wheel and shifter into. I am currently using a USB 2.0 hub (I'll give you the link to the exact one if you want it) and it works just fine. I've tested with a USB 3.0 powered hub with it both powered and unpowered and it too worked without issue. But if you do have issues then remove the hub from the equation and see if that fixes it, pretty much with TM support will tell you. I can't give you an details on the Logitech side of things. I have no idea if the optional shifter plugs into the wheel base or USB.
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    Fanatec Discount

    Tjobbie thanks, I tried that first and they declined me. I was hoping maybe the community had some coupon offers that I could use. I appreciate the help. Thanks, Khang
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    Oh mate what a shame, beautiful rig, I'm in Huntingdon on Saturday, wishing I could spare the cash!
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    Nightmare Over - Build Now Underway

    The final bits arrived today so the monitors are on, cables attached (not tidied yet) mouse shelf fitted and after a hiccup with Internet explorer all the software is updated.
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    Well my point about the CSL Elite for the PS4 is that it'll be newer and better than the current CSL Elite that is Xbox. The new one if memory serves will come with a rim that is meant for PS4 but another rim can be had for the Xbox. The wheel base is said to based on the CSW v2.5, that's the important bit.
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    Wow, that's actually pretty lite. Once again, very nice rig. Your attention to detail really shows!
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    Fanatec direct drive wheel(s)

    Also some pics on AC forum http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/osw-owners-thread.28560/page-88#post-920794
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    Nightmare Over - Build Now Underway

    Not a lot to be done until the SimLab delivery on Monday so I mounted the computer above the pedals and behind the monitor mount. I then tarted up the 7in HDMI LCD screen that will be used as a 4th monitor displaying Z1 dashboard and also tarted up the keyboard stand.
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    Super awesome. I think it looks way better than the OSR rig. I love the cable management as well. I'm a sucker for hidden and tidy cables. How heavy do you think your rig is?
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    I was just asking someone where I could get some of these! Thank you!
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    Fanatec direct drive wheel(s)

    Cheers for that, mate. They seem to be pretty serious about realism, huh? Great mounting as well.
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    I think it might be a toss up between the CSL Elite and TS-XW. And when it comes to CSL I would wait for the newer PS4 edition to be released, if you're in the USA. If you were to go for the T300, might as well get the Alcantara Edition or just forget the T300 and get a T500. T500 might be older but it's got more power in the ffb and better pedals.
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    Fanatec direct drive wheel(s)

    I think the question really is how many current CSW bases will be for sale as owners may swap out for the DD option. Hopefully it's a reliable alternative for a "lower to mid-level" DD wheel (depending on how good it is and the price). BTW, who has watched the Fanatec Ecosystem promotional video? If you're paying attention, Thomas definitely has a weird sense of humor. (When he has a beard, he almost looks like one of the past Geico caveman characters).
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    Crosskart racing (Videos)

    I haven't heard of Kartcross before but it looks like good fun and challenging. You're certainly doing very well in it, and if you can keep making the competition disappear like at 3.21 then you will always get a podium finish.
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    ThreeDprof's 80/20 rig project WIP

    Wanted to share my chassis design. This will be a rig dedicated for a VR display. The mannequin is set to 6'1". I encourage comments and critiques as this will be my first 80/20 build. Update plans: Finish the mounting plate for overhung pedals Add a racing seat Add pivot connectors Add more connector plates Modify the pedal mount to have angular and height adjustments. Flesh out adjustable dead pedal
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    Kranky Pantz

    Simvibe Promo Code?

    I've been thinking about ordering Simvibe from their site and noticed that they have a "Promotional Code" area on the payment page. I realize that I missed that Black Friday deal a few months back, but do they ever offer discounts for ISRTV or forum members? Has anyone here ever purchased it with a promo code before? Would love to try it out, but with the exchange rate here for your Northern brothers in Canada it's a bit pricey without being able to demo it first and check the compatibility with my soundcards. Fingers crossed for either a sale or discount for ISRTV members!
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    I recently went thru this dilema myself. After many years of racing on a single 32 inch LCD, I finally switched to triple 1440p GSync monitors. I enjoyed it for about a week and wondered how I had raced for so long with one screen. Soon after this I decided to buy an Oculus Rift to see for myself if it was better than my new triple setup. The moment I put on the headset and drove a few laps in Assetto Corsa I knew the triples were the wrong choice. The sense of immersion was absolutely mindblowing. It was shocking. It's something you have to try yourself. The only way to explain it is it's as if you climbed inside your monitor and into the car. It's a awesome experience as long as your stomach can handle it. I'm fortunate that I don't have any problems with racing sims. I tried a rollercoaster demo and that I definitely had a problem with. Obviously I highly recommend VR, but you need to try it before making a decision. Good luck with your build.
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    WTF I had a double take at that photo on the website cause it's a VR3 rig that has been taken apart and the motion rig part added to the bottom so it's very deceiving that photo. Pedal plate size and adjustment would be my initial concern because you can see in the photos someone has had to mod it to get high end pedals fitted. Would love to read some reviews on this rig though. Edit: Just looked at the videos and the motion profiles don't seem to accommodate suspension bumps and road textures, it all looks rather smooth the motion.
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    My diy 3dof motion rig & my TC-R1

    First my new wheel: Brett has done an awesome job...really love his craftsmanship and the quality of it. The rig is put back together as well: So the seating position is very good now and the new u-joint has improved stability as well...pretty happy with that. Cheers
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    Sonoma WTCC - WTCC15 Lada - 1.33.389 Tips- like all FWD never completely lift off the acc. pedal even when braking- use all the track.- smooth is fast LADA15 V1.svm
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    My diy 3dof motion rig & my TC-R1

    Some progress:
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    That is correct, it is recognized as a GT wheel and it supports 13 buttons and the D-pad so a total of 17 inputs. It can be delivered with a ps-2 plug and pins for the buttons so you don´t have to solder on the pcb (se pic). If you are interested or have any questions drop me a PM.
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    I had the same issue, after I sent them a video of the wheel not calibrating they sent me a new base. The new base is great, but now sometimes I have random buttons press by themselves, I e-mailed tech support but haven't heard back yet. Try downloading this calibration tool, it might help. I had to run this tool every time I wanted to play, that's why they sent me another one. http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=214236&d=1438702463