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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !
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    • Hi.Im have for sale :  base t300 (new engine)+button plate (10 button,2 encoder,2potentiometr  to PC usb) +whell. 190 Euro (+ 50 Euro shiping to US,+30 to EU )  Only together .
    • Hi all, I am planning to build a triple ultrawide 34" 144Hz, preferably the LG UC89G (2560*1080).  My PC is driven by a 8G 1080, CPU is an rather old 3.7 GHz early i7. Currently I play AC with Oculus CV1 and happy with the performance, however, when there are about 10 cars in a race, the performance will drop to an very unpleasant level which frustrates me, any one got similar situation? Any solutions? Also since I ware glass, prolong race is not possible, so I think about a triple setup so I can enjoy a smoother race + better image quality even though sacrificing the perfect immersion of VR..  I heard that a single 1080 is not able to drive a triple ultrawide setup in 144hz with each monitor has 2560*1080 resolution in high / ultra setting, I am struggling that I should go for a 1080 SLI or simply get 1 1080ti...or only 1080ti SLI can do the job?  I have done some research, sometimes people said triple 21:9 34" is not as good as triple 16:9 27" because the objects on the side monitors will be stretched and distorted...I once saw a video for triple 21:9 34" on youtube, the objects on the center monitor were perfect but those on the sides were stretched badly...even the guy was playing AC which got triple monitor support.....I really want to know, is it true that even in triple monitor support titles like AC, RF2, Raceroom etc..will have stretch with triple 21:9? But it is strange that some other triple 21:9 videos do not notice this issue...at least...from the videos.... Triple 16:9 27" is good, many videos show a nice FOV setup, in case triple 21:9 setup is not mature enough, I am OK to go with  triple 27 / 16:9 32".....but it seems to me that a center monitor in 21:9 can nicely replicate the windshield in a single monitor, so that I can have more rooms for the sides (both windows and side mirrors) with the 2 "big wings" for extend the immersion!   I am heavily inspired by John's review of triple ultrawide BenQ which was so impressing and want to make a similar setup after a few months with my CV1.. Any one with experience of triple ultrawide can give me some advice please! Many Thanks!        
    • Any luck gettng this extension piece.  I am in the same situation with the wheel too high using the Next Level V3 with RS1.  I am using a 2 x 4 wooden "spacer" as an interium solution...less than ideal.  Cheers.
    • If you have a Harbor freight tools near you you can pick up a welding machine pretty Cheap!!! I picked up the 90Amp Flux welder for less than $100.00 and it does a Really Good job at welding!!! Look it up on youtube.  I used it to weld custom Mods to My RS1 Rig and the welds are Rock solid <--Also I'm a Newbie welder Never welded anything before --> i bought a bunch of Metal rods and stuff from home depot before welded the rig so i could practice to get a good welding bead technique then went for it!!! the weld's came out Really Nice and solid!  Good luck on your New project post pics when its done.
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