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      Hi All, We created an Amazon store that's pretty basic and currently only for U.S. shoppers. If you purchase something from it and then other items through Amazon, we make a small commission. It won't cost anymore than Amazon normally does but will help support our show and website and would be greatly appreciated ! You can get to it by going here : http://www.isrtv.com/isrtv-amazon-store/ Thank for your support !

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  2. Are there any US distributors of rigs like Rseat and Sim-lab? If not, what does shipping run on something like this?
  3. Oh, and then it just ended..........I miss the days when this place was well populated.......For so many years I would drop in but never registered. Where has everybody gone to? If there's still anybody around, Im on iracing now, Phil George, come and give me a bump in the vrs gt3. Xxx
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  5. WTB CSR Elite Formula rim

    Ouch! You bumped me in the Email man! Watch it!
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  7. I have 2 Fanatec rims converted to OSW and the Holger QR1 quick release mechanism from Sim Racing Machine (SRM) and in my view: FANATEC STEERING WHEELS a) If you already have Fanatec wheel rims then SRM's conversion kit is very good. No issues using the Fanatec rims on OSW and I recommend SRM's top of the range shifters with 15mm magnets. Fanatec shifters feel cheap and I've had a few break. SRM's upgraded shifters make a huge difference to driving feel and quality SRM's Fanatec conversion kit requires you to open up and re-wire some wheel components. It's not hard but it's not plug and play; c) Given you do not already have Fanatec wheels, I would not recommend pursuing this option. CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS ProSim H Shifter and HE Ultimate Pedals and your own words imply quality over cost. Therefore I recommend purchasing wheels that are pre-built by specialists (e.g. https://www.sammaxwellcustoms.com/). There are quite a few sim racing wheel makers and some of them make works of art and priced accordingly. As an example I have 2 wheels built by Dynamic Sim Racing (DSR) and they are both levels above the quality of the Fanatec wheels in terms of a genuine racing wheel, amazing shifters and high quality button box, buttons and general craftsmanship. Unfortunately DSR have closed. As a counterweight example I also had a 3D printed F1 wheel from 3DRap. It looked fabulous in pictures but in reality it felt flimsy, with low quality buttons and poor craftsmanship. Do some research and you'll end up with some fabulous wheels that will really complement the quality of your other hardware. Cheers
  8. Race Le Mans Series Ferrari 488GTE/Cota 14/03/18 22 GMT

    Iracing Le Mans Series Week 6 Race 3 Interlagos/Ferrari 488 GTE [YOUTUBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IQhm05iT8k[/YOUTUBE]
  9. Race Le Mans Series Ferrari 488GTE/Cota 14/03/18 22 GMT

    Iracing Le Mans Series Week 6 Race 3 Interlagos/Ferrari 488 GTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IQhm05iT8k
  10. Hi folks, Moving on from my RSeat and Next Level Motion v3 setup. So, I need to sell. List prices are below RSeat RS1 - $899 Buttkicker Mount - $99 Speaker Mount - $99 Pro Pedals Mount - $199 Keyboard Mount - $139 Triple Monitor Mount - $439 Total - $1874 plus $99 shipping new from RSeat. Next Level v3 Motion - $3000 Next Level RSeat Adapter Brackets - $199 Total - $3200. I will split up the Next Level Motion + Brackets from the RSeat rig. However, would like to sell everything together for the right price. Local pickup only. I am located in Glen Ridge NJ. The monitor stand is a few years old. The RSeat and Next Level v3 are only 3 months old. I did have an issue mounting the Keyboard mount to the RSeat chassis. My solution was to add in some pipe clamp supports. Now it is solid as a rock. I have the original packaging from the Next Level Motion v3, so I will ship the NLM v3 if sold separately. One thing to note, you cannot use the Buttkicker mount with the NLM v3. NLM v3 has a buttkicker gamer mount on the back. See pics. RSeat w/Buttkicker, Keyboard, Speaker, Monitor Stand, Pro-pedals - $1000 Next Level v3 Motion with RSeat RS1 Adapter Brackets - $2800. Email me with questions. You are more than welcome to check it out if you are in the NYC area. Alternatively, I could probably also drive and meet you half way. Pictures are attached. Email me with questions at g_sysak@hotmail.com Greg
  11. FS: RSEAT RS 1

    RSEAT RS1 Alcantara-Black, RS1 Keyboard/Mouse tray kit. RS1 Tablet/Buttonbox Kit. Seat is in excellent condition had it about a year. I will not ship so pickup only. However if someone wants to arrange shipping and has someone pick it up from my place then that,s fine. $750 OBO. NEW JERSEY TRI State Area
  12. Only used for a few months. Moving to consoles which don't have true support for widescreen. Looking for $425 plus will split the shipping with you via Fed Ex. Was Vesa mounted. Stand never out of the box. Mint condition. No marks,dings,scratches anywhere. Acer XR341CK bmijpphz Black 34", 21:9 WQHD Curved , 3440 x 1440 LED IPS Monitor, Adaptive-Sync( Free-Sync) with DTS® Sound Speakers, USB 3.0, HDMI, MHL, Display Port. Runs at 75HZ P3100140.bmp
  13. FS: Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5

    Hi all, I'm located in the U.S. (Florida). I've had quite a few offers but at the lowest I'd take for this would be $180. I'd already be $40 in the hole, if I can't get that out of it. I think $40 is a good savings, for a brand new unit (minus the minor scratches). Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone. As an F1 fan I decided to build a wheel and use it in sim games. But there is one (maybe two) thing I want to add. I already know what to do except for this one thing: the paddle clutch. What do I need to build a paddle clutch? A potentiometer? How it works? If it were a simple button, there would be no problems
  15. Thanks so much Tommy - massive help. Big props to you sir, i doth my cap! Thanks a lot!!
  16. Ok, this question, I might not be the best person to answer because I use this QR1 https://www.simracingmachines.com/WebShop/q1r-base-side-with-70mm-wheel-side this allows me to use any combination rim/button box I want but is definitlly more money and I have to buy a wheel side for this for every wheel I make. You are using this the custom hub from tomo on your direct drive made specifically for using Fanatec factory connector witch limits you to only using a fanatec quick connect. All fanatec wheels/uni hub comes with a stock fanatec QR so when you order from SRM choose "none-leave the fanatec QR" and this will slip right on what you are getting wit your DD. For the usb I would choose the upgraded one, its a lot better cable. https://www.simracingmachines.com/WebShop/high-quality-din-connector-usb-cable If you use this usb connector you will have to purchse this for everynew rim you add because of the connector plug for quick release. I recently started making my own cables for my stuff. With the uni hub you will see that any rim MOMO, Sparco, or any other aftermarket or fanatec rim (without buttons) will mount to the uni hub. The uni hub has a 70mm bolt pattern. I have these: https://www.ricmotech.com/Genuine_Momo_Mod_30_Wheel_p/mom-mod30.htm mounted on the uni hub, https://fssteeringwheels.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/15-black-empire-dark-euro?variant=5329587798057 mounted on the uni hub, https://www.fanatec.com/us-en/steering-wheels/clubsport-steering-wheel-bmw-m3-gt2-us.html . These rims are more money, if you like the black one from fanatec then go with it. The rims from fanatec are priced well.
  17. and sorry for the dumb question, i want to be as explicit as possible since mistakes could be costly. assuming i get the universal adapter as above, then i'll be able to get any rims like the attached image, and no other components are necessary in order to jump in and drive?
  18. You've sold me, i'll be getting the USB'd up universal hub. Fantastic - thanks so much, I can tell you I would not have found that option without you! Question on this though: the SRM universal adapter has the option to come with 1 of 2 QR adapters. Presumably these are not required because of the one I have coming with the OSW i've ordered? I don't suppose you know if the one that is coming is either of the adapters on offer from SRM? What i'm asking is, i guess, would there be any value whatsoever of ordering the universal hub from SRM with the QR adapter as well? do you know which of these options the OSW comes with - i.e. is the more expesnive QR adapter somehow easier to install? thanks again
  19. I would consider the SRM site they can provide the rim and convert it so all you have to do is put it in your quick connect and plug in the USB and map your buttons in game and you are good to go. With the quick connect you have on the way is only for using fanatec rims. Fanatec rims are a good choice and a good product, I have 2 universal hubs with 2 different rims on it and I have a BMW gt rim, but I use a different quick connect, I use the QR1 quick connect witch allows my to use any rim as long as I purchase a addition wheel side connect for each rim. I know this seams very confusing but keep reading and it will make more sense.
  20. Great - thanks, that's exactly what i'm looking for in terms of feedback. For me then, the Fanatec route is going to be too advanced for me at this stage; whilst it doesn't look overly tough (just saw the Bodnar instructions for universal hub) i have zero confidence / experience here. I'll follow the sites you mentioned to see if I can get something fully built for me. And thanks for the information about SRM doing some of the work, that's a really great option that I hadn't considered. Thanks a lot, Pete.
  21. Well with the fanatec QR adapter you will still need to convert any fanatec rims or button box set up to USB. I personally like using The fanatec universal hub so I can put any rim I want on. The universal hub is a 70 mm bolt pattern and that is the most common aftermarket rim bolt size. I use the Leo Bodnar board http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=97&products_id=236 I considerate the best but others will say Teensy Board because it is cheaper. You can buy a rim and send it to SRM https://www.simracingmachines.com/WebShop/wheel-conversions and they will convert it for you but it takes a while to get it back (because they are in the UK). If you are good with soldering you can do it yourself like I do. You definitely have to do some research on this to do it yourself. the first one I bought was a used, all set up for me and basically I looked inside when I had to replace the coiled cable and figured out how to do it myself. Or you can just go to SRM or other sim stores like richmotech, DSD, and order a rim that is converted and set up for you. Hope this helps
  22. Newbie stupid questions

    Hello, PS4 cant handle 3 screens, so you can use one bigger screan for example 40-50 inch is perfect! For the VR - it is one of the greatest add ons ever, but I will advice to have it like optional extra not main solution for gaming. Also on PS4 you have very limited choice of racing titles for VR. Cheers
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