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  2. They are Not Hydrolic but dont count out the New Fanatec V3i (inverted) pedals... I have a set and they are Great!!! Much better than the Regular V3 pedals.... Pedals also have Large Spacing between them. They Mounted right into My RS1 No problem.
  3. I have only used the hpp's and found them excellent. The throw, pressure and overall feel was incredible, especially the brake.
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  5. The only thing I can suggest, which Fanatec would also suggest is to try it on another PC, I had a problem where it would only recognise my Fanatec hardware properly if I my Peddles and Wheel base in two separate 2.0 USB ports on the PC, it would receive some information on the 3.0 ports (Blue ports) but not read it properly. Other than that you You can always sign up to Fanatec Forums and get information from there, they are very helpful. Sorry I couldnt help on this occasion
  6. I Updated the design this weekend, I had a similar Idea though I think It's going to be easier with my new design, I am going to use a display Switch-box, and on the Workstation side of the desk I'm going to replace the tripples with a big monitor 40" or something. with the switch box I will be able to switch from one monitor on the Workstation to the tripples on the Sim Rig with just a button press. I also wanted to have the Desk/Sim Rig to be as "Slim" as possible because it already is quite large. I'm at work right now, but I will upload some new pictures of the design progress.
  7. Thrustmaster? Out of Business. Was a good laugh. What next? Pew Die Pie is a Nazi?
  8. If you have a comment for this week's episode, leave it here!
  9. But what statement ??? WTF are you people talking about ?? its just the website that went down probably ddos or some maintenance. But my guess would be ddos.
  10. Clubsport Shifter SQ Open to offers (Looking for high end amd graphics cards at the moment as well, RX480/390X specifically) Hey there everybody! I've got a Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ, I purchased it for 200 in October of 2015 off ebay, I received it, verified that the contents looked to be correct (brand new, unused, still in packaging), and put it away for storage while I attempted to acquire all the components for my setup. Long story short, I was only ever able to get the universal hub, which I just sold on ebay yesterday. And now I need to sell this, it's still up on ebay for $200 + shipping under user cschlis, but I am open to offers from US buyers, as I have not received any yet. I have moved a couple times so the box is dinged up a bit, but the foam packaging was immaculate until today when I took a couple more pictures for this post (see attached). I did not remove the items from the box, only opened the box to confirm everything was still wrapped and in original packaging. Thanks in advance for your interest and have a good one! - CDSchlis
  11. I'd be looking at the EB2011's instead, as I found that the MB's require way too much pressure, along with a longer throw before they click. It was like an old revolver trigger or something. EB2011's have a light, positive click, but the only real downside is that they have press on caps, rather than screw on.
  12. Yea I hear what your saying, it's no QR1. I think for most situations the qr is fine, the hub does worry me though. The full rims seem to be built well which is nice. I can imagine with lots of time on high settings the vibrations would get to the though. I have a SimuCUBE with small MiGe, but I find that I rarely turn the force anywhere near max. I like to every so often, I'll turn some really fun all out laps or if I just want to have a more intense experience I'll crank up the ffb. Typically though I run right around 50% in mmos and 100 in game, except iracing where I run 100% in mmos and bring the iracing slider down to like 40, sometimes 30 for cars with less prominant force feedback. I know I am not getting a 1:1 torque ratio like most people prefer with direct drive but for me its just too much force to go for hours and hours at the full 20Nm. I will say though, I would Iove to try out a 30Nm setup! My 20Nm feels strong for sure, but 30Nm must be awesome, especially with a rock solid rig. The vibrations and directional changes have to be intense.
  13. Thanks Anthony A. - Do you know how HPP and Ricomtech's hydraulic pedal offerings compare to each other (pros/cons, vs.)? - Anyone's thoughts on this article talking hydraulic pedals down? ( article link: https://diysim.com/2016/01/simracing-pedals-hydraulic/ ) - Anyone else know who makes and still sells inverted pedal mounts? (Fyi, CST and Main Performance PC no longer selling inverted pedal mounts) Thanks all, let me know.
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  15. All, I have the following items which were minimally used while in my possession. I have original packaging and boxes for all items. The GT2 rim and table clamp were purchased brand new from Fanatec with-in the last 3-4 weeks. I used everything for less than 30 minutes, and unfortunately I just don't have the time and resources for the hobby. I bought the pedals and wheelbase off another member on this board (kjarahz). This would make a great setup for someone who wants a good starting point. Pictures attached. Fanatec V1 Wheelbase w/ Fanatec Clamp $350 shipped or $300 shipped for the wheelbase. (I prefer to sell this as a combo if possible) Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals w/ inversion kit $175 shipped Fanatec GT2 Wheel $240 shipped (no wear, used gloves for the half hour of use) Overall the items are in great and working condition, I can provide more pictures if needed. I also have a video of the wheelbase in action. Note that I don't visit this site often so the best way to reach me will be via email. Please feel free to email me with any questions or interest. Paypal accepted, once payment received the items will ship out the same or next business day. Contact: azchaud@gmail.com Shipping is to US only. Cheers! -Adil
  16. If the price is right I could take the pedals. However, I do live in America so pricing might be an issue
  17. Both the qr and uni hub material are crap if you compare them to anything I/you/anyone should let get near a actual vehicle. The metal in the qr is soft as is the metal in the uni hub (which means that the bolts are soft as well). They mitigated this fact a bit with some sort of adhesive which makes it a pain to dissasemble. With all of that said, I found that once I broke each of the bolts loose (with a good, proper sized Allen wrench and a quick snap of the wrist instead of sustained force) they came apart and went back together ok. I have started to feel some play in my uni-hub setup though over time from the metal bending and/or the mounting holes getting elongated. They weren't designed to handle that kind of force though, and are definitely usable especially if I had slotted some steel washers on each side of the back plate of the uni-hub.
  18. That's one option where you get one calculation for free after signing up. https://www.dutycalculator.com/compare-plans/
  19. Oh really, I've heard of other people conpalinging about the qr material on the rims being soft, I wonder if it was only the older rims that are like this. All of mine are good (I have 5) except for one, I have one Uni hub that is really old and the quick release isn't quite as good as the others. It fits slightly less tightly and the material scuffs and scratches more easily. I have an extra quick release I may instal on that hub, it's red but it's brand new If you aren't changing rims all the time and the surface was all mared up than it makes sense to use a washer. That way you get it as tight as possible and never have to worry.
  20. Pics please
  21. I chose to use a small washer as the metal on the Unihub is quite soft and the bolt was eating into to it when tightened. It's held solid for over 6 months, used about 6 hours a day
  22. Sent you a PM.
  23. Hi Razz Looking forward to seeing the build process, the design is a little similar to one of our F1 hybrid plans. Check out the plans which you can purchase from our site which might make the process a little easier for you https://opensimracing.com/collections/plans
  24. Live Stream Этап #6 Ferrari 458 Португалия Algarve International Circuit
  25. Hi guys selling my complete rig as detailed below gaming pc i7 gtx 980 triple 32" monitors tommo osw small midge t3pa pro pedals prosimu t1000 3 dof motion sim occulus rift cv monster srh display please see video any test welcome £4500 Ono please note this is a bargain only serious enquires please thanks neil
  26. Maybe they are bought by some other company, on facebook one guy is telling that he contacted Thrustmaster Thailand and they said that company was bought last week and there was some kind of directive about closing all operations. It's probably fake but it shows up how quick some stupid rumor in internet can destroy company image, people are sending back their stuff because they are afraid that they will end with no warranty. Second Thrustmaster coudl do some kind of statement it's not looking good when site is nor working for 3 days and there is no information or any kind of media.
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