Fanatec Easter Egg Teases New Product

After a not so serious April Fools’ Day announcement, Fanatec has now teased a new product in its official Forum.

But what is it?

The thread is titled “You found the Easteregg!” and the post simply reads “But what is it?”.
Attached, was an image of a blue, possibly metal plate with five black buttons on it, which you can view above.

PlayStation PS symbolTwo of the buttons are each labelled with a white arrow. Both arrows point towards each other. The other three buttons are labelled with an “i” (or an “!”) in a circle, an unidentifiable symbol and something that could resemble the top of the Playstation “PS” symbol.

The image is indeed very mysterious and the brief question in the post does not help with identifying the product either. If one of the buttons does indeed resemble the “PS” symbol then a Fanatec Playstation peripheral might be on the way, maybe even a wheel? A Playstation 4 wheel could be in the works, as we know.

But we also know that a direct-drive wheel is on its way too.

Maybe though it is not a wheel, but rather something completely knew all together? Fingers crossed that Fanatec will solve the mystery for us very soon.

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