DiRT 4 Road Book – Team Management Explained

After discussing the Landrush game mode in the last Road Book entry, this time Codemasters elaborates on the team management system in DiRT 4.

The Team

Unlike DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 will feature an in-depth team management system, as requested by the community.

So, once you have purchased your car, you will head over to the “Branding Suite” to start building your very own brand, starting with name, livery, sponsors, driver number and team colours. Livery and team colours will be separated. The Livery is for your car only and the team colours are for everything but the car. Sadly, you won’t be able to create your own livery and import it into the game, as you can with other titles, but DiRT 4 will offer necessary tools in-game for you to create your “your very own, extraordinarily smart-looking team ‘theme’, which all of your vehicles will be equipped with”.

The “Branding Suite” is also the place where you can view info regarding your current sponsorships. There will be a relation between the quality of your sponsorships and your PR agent too.

At the beginning, your crew consists of an engineer, a PR agent, a co-driver, and spotters for Rallycross and Landrush. Over time, you will get the opportunity to hire more and better staff, depending on the size of your team facilities. Apart from the skill of the staff, their mood can affect your career in a positive but also negative way too.

Your team facilities

Team facilities can be a determining factor for your team. For example, expanding accommodation or your garage will allow you to hire more staff or purchase more cars. This even goes so far that your choice of catering can influence your team’s performance.

Cars aren’t only there to keep either. Since virtual money can be a factor in your career, making room for new cars by selling less used cars can be essential. The resale value of a car is affected by for example its mileage, its repairs, its successes or its spec.

Two places will be available for purchasing cars, the Dealership and the Classifieds. The Dealership is self-explanatory, selling only new cars. The Classifieds however are a different story. Iconic older cars will be available for purchase here, but availability of vehicles changes over time and is influenced by, for example, how you take care of your garage. The newer Gran Turismo games have a similar feature.

So, what can we take out of this Road Book entry? Team management plays quite an important role in DiRT 4 and even ever so small details can influence your career. It seems to be a giant step forward compared to DiRT Rally’s team management capabilities and does pose similarities to the way some sports games handle team management.

On a side note, the PS VR DLC for DiRT Rally is now out in Asia too and can be purchased from the Asian Playstation Store.

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