Wheel & Pedal Reviews

  • basherboards-cpx-adapter-v2-review

    Basherboard CPX Adapter V2 Review – Race Thrustmaster Wheel with Fanatec Pedals on PS4 & Xbox One

    Traditionally, when we’ve advised fans on what wheel and pedals to get for the consoles, we’ve steered them to pick a brand and stay in that ecosystem.  We’ve done this because unlike most PC titles that can support multiple input devices – aka, multiple USB…
  • 2017 PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel Buyers Guide

    2017 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide

    Presenting our 2017 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide. Buying a PS4 compatible steering wheel is a big purchase – usually more than the console itself – so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. That’s where our Wheel Buyers Guide comes…
  • hori-racing-wheel-apex-review

    HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review – Is a $99 Wheel a Good Idea?

    Admittedly, we do review a fair amount of products that are out of the price range of your average sim racer.  But today is not that case, as we review the $99.99 PS4, PS3, PC compatible HORI Racing Wheel Apex. For those of you who…
  • thrustmaster tmx review

    Thrustmaster TMX Review for the Xbox One and PC

    Presenting our reviewing the brand new Xbox One compatible entry level wheel from Thrustmaster, the TMX.
  • 2016 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide

    Presenting our 2016 PlayStation 4 steering wheel buyers guide. This is not a review or shootout, this is a buyers guide to let you know what’s available, where to purchase them, options and price. We’ll also let you know if they are natively supported in…