Wheel & Pedal Reviews

  • SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Review

    SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Direct Drive Wheel Review

    The sim racing world was a different place in late 2015 when SimXperience released the AccuForce Pro direct drive wheel.  Back then, the direct drive wheel fandom was primarily isolated to early adopters across sim racing forums who were not only willing to jump at…
  • basherboards-cpx-adapter-v2-review

    Basherboard CPX Adapter V2 Review – Race Thrustmaster Wheel with Fanatec Pedals on PS4 & Xbox One

    Traditionally, when we’ve advised fans on what wheel and pedals to get for the consoles, we’ve steered them to pick a brand and stay in that ecosystem.  We’ve done this because unlike most PC titles that can support multiple input devices – aka, multiple USB…
  • 2017 PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel Buyers Guide

    2017 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide

    Presenting our 2017 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide. Buying a PS4 compatible steering wheel is a big purchase – usually more than the console itself – so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. That’s where our Wheel Buyers Guide comes…
  • hori-racing-wheel-apex-review

    HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review – Is a $99 Wheel a Good Idea?

    Admittedly, we do review a fair amount of products that are out of the price range of your average sim racer.  But today is not that case, as we review the $99.99 PS4, PS3, PC compatible HORI Racing Wheel Apex. For those of you who…
  • thrustmaster tmx review

    Thrustmaster TMX Review for the Xbox One and PC

    Presenting our reviewing the brand new Xbox One compatible entry level wheel from Thrustmaster, the TMX.
  • 2016 PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel Buyers Guide

    Presenting our 2016 PlayStation 4 steering wheel buyers guide. This is not a review or shootout, this is a buyers guide to let you know what’s available, where to purchase them, options and price. We’ll also let you know if they are natively supported in…