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  • automobilista formula truck test drive isrtv

    Automobilista Formula Truck Test Drive at Taruma

    Presenting Test Drive of the new Automobilista Formula Truck with a race against the AI at Taruma. Formula Trucks are awesome and their awesomeness are shown in full effect in this Test Drive on an ultra tight circuit. Not only do you have to navigate…
  • sim-racing-steering-wheel-pedal-resolution-yt

    Sim Racing Explained – Steering Wheel & Pedal Resolution

    Welcome to Sim Racing Explained and today we are talking wheel and pedal resolution.  Anytime you look up a wheel or pedal, one of the specs you’ll see listed is resolution in “bit” and/or “steps/values”.  Resolution is the measurement for wheel and pedal accuracy. For…
  • 2017-xbox-one-racing-wheel-buyers-guide

    2017 Xbox One Steering Wheel Buyers Guide

    Presenting our 2017 Xbox One Steering Wheel Buyers Guide. Buying an Xbox One compatible steering wheel is a big purchase – usually more than the console itself – so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. That’s where our Wheel Buyers Guide…