• iRacing McLaren WFG 2

    iRacing and McLaren Join Forces for WFG

    Currently, rFactor 2 racers are the ones trying to grab a place in the final qualifying round to determine the World’s Fastest Gamer. The next qualification series will be held in iRacing, as McLaren and iRacing announced today. How will it work? Starting September 12…
  • rFactor 2 Zandvoort Radical 3

    rFactor 2 – McLaren 650S GT3 and More

    The monthly rFactor 2 roadmap update is here and there is a lot to talk about. Cars, tracks, competitions, new features, nothing is being left out.   WFG McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition is already well underway. Three of ten places have already been taken, but…
  • Ross Brawn’s Ideas of Integrating Sim Racing into Formula 1

    Sim Racing is as popular is never before. There are enough examples to prove this statement. Now it seems that on of the biggest racing series in the world is thinking about taking the plunge into the virtual world with the biggest racing series of…