Automobilista – Version 1.3.7 Released and Time Trial Challenge Announced

Weekly challenges are no RaceRoom exclusive anymore, Reiza Studios follows the trend, as promised in the latest development update, by introducing the Time Trial Challenge to Automobilista. Apart from that, version 1.3.7 of Automobilista was also released.

Automobilista Time Trial Challenge

In the 12 weeks from April 17 to July 9, weekly hotlap challenges will take place offering a Stock Car Racing Seat from Cockpit Extreme Racing as a grand prize.

Every Friday, the new car and track combination for the next week will be announced.

No registration is necessary, anyone racing the given car and track combination in the corresponding week in Time Trial mode will have their time registered and will be eligible for winning the seat. To determine a winner after the 12 weeks, points will be awarded as described in the following paragraph.

Scoring will be calculated by both participation and results – every contestant gets 100 points for participating in each round, plus result points inversely proportional to the number of participants – if for example a contestant wins in one round featuring 250 contestants in total, he gets 350 points (100 for participation + 250 for total contestant); 2nd place gets 349 points, and so on all the way to 250th place who gets 101 points that week. Whoever has the most points accumulated over the 12 rounds wins the Time Trial Challenge!

But not only sim racing aliens will have a chance of winning, another seat will be up for grabs too and its winner will be chosen randomly. If you are able to register a time within 107% of the best time at the end of a week, you get an entry. Since the competition lasts for 12 weeks, a total of 12 entries can be accumulated per driver.

Current standings are available in-game and in the Virtual Xperience Portal.

Version 1.3.7 update

Version 1.3.7 of Automobilista is one of those smaller updates, which address various bits and pieces that needed fixing.

Fanatec CSL users will be especially happy to see that the wheel’s auto-rotation function and its LED’s are now being supported. The LED’s can even be mapped.

Other changes include improvements to the AI on some karting tracks and a fixed view setting as standard for the trackmap in Original / Telemetry overlays (dynamic view still available through the settings).

The full changelog can be viewed below.


  • Added support to Fanatec LEDs & auto-rotation support for Fanatec CSL-E & a command mapping option to toggle LED to display Gear, Speed or Of
  • Fixed logic exporting Setups in Time Trial mode which could allow setup from a slower lap time replacing one from a previous faster lap
  • Adjusted qualifying lap limit (20 laps for most series, 12 for modern formula series)
  • DynHUD: set trackmap in Original / Telemetry overlays to fixed (can be be switched back to rotating via DynHUD Editor); added missing race widgets to Telemetry overlay
  • Adjusted AI performance in various kart tracks
  • Karts: Revised tire model, adjusted weight distribution in all karts; Adjusted default steering lock. Adjusted AI performance
  • Boxer: Fixed brakelight graphical glitch
  • F-V12: Fixed LCD display rev range
  • F-Trainer: Minor tire model adjustments; fixed differential settings mistakenly left adjustable
  • Mini: Corrected engine description
  • Caterham: Corrected 360R gearbox as H Shifter
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