Automobilista Early Access and Beyond Road Map and Previews

Reiza Studios has dropped a whole bunch of info today regarding where Automobilista is going during Steam Early Access and after.  With Reiza anticipating a V1.0 release at the end of April, a whole lot of new content and features are going to be arriving in the near future.  Here’s the bullet points.

  • The next public release version will be tomorrow (3/18)
  • New Early Access Features
    • Web-based multiplayer lobby is coming and will eventually be accessible in-game
    • Speaking of multiplayer, there will be official multiplayer rooms with official rotating schedules
    • Leaderboards linked to in-game Time Trial Mode
    • League-Finder that will be a one stop shop for those looking for leagues
    • Official seasonal competitions that will mirror real world series
    • Driver animations
    • More HUD’s, TV overlays and customization options
    • Dynamic track progression over a race weekend (between sessions)
    •  Turbo modelling, boost / push-to-pass & energy recovery systems
    • Air density model to accurately simulate altitude effects
    • Heat races and options such as reverse grids
    • Improved corner-cutting detection rules
  • V1.0 Release Content
    • 2015-spec Boxer Cup GT3 car
    • pre-2009 Copa Montana ‘ute with 350 hp and manual sequential gearbox
    • Virginia International Raceway
    • Speedland, an indoor/outdoor karting complex in Sao Paulo
    • Mending Airfield Gymkhana, a semi-fictional circuit on an airfield in Mendig, Germany
  • Post Release Updates
    • Create your own custom championship
    • Point-to-point rally/hillclimb
    • Mid-race saving option
    • Formula Vintage, inspired by late 1960’s F1 car
    • Ibarra, an old school track in the mountains of Ecuador

While all this listed above is free, there will be further paid DLC post release.  This will come in the form of packages or individual content.  Reiza is also putting something called the ‘Reiza Membership’ together, which sounds similar to Forza’s ‘Car Pass’ where you pay a one time fee and get all new DLC.

Not confirmed but that’s my guess.

Have to say, color me impressed.  That’s a lot of great features and content coming in a short while.  Love the idea of reigning in the multiplayer and organizing official races/events.  It’s the feature that makes iRacing so strong and it’s good to see other sims doing the same.