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  • anatec-csl-elite-pedals-lc-review

    Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC Review

    Newsflash!  Pedals are kind of important when it comes to sim racing.  But good, or even just competent pedals, can […]

  • day-1-forza-horizon-review

    Day 1 Forza Horizon 3 Review – Should You Buy on the Xbox One?

    While Forza Horizon 3 surely isn’t a sim racing title, the Horizon franchise has been a fun way to blow […]

  • Assetto Corsa PS4 Xbox One Review

    Assetto Corsa Review – Should You Buy on PS4 or Xbox One?

    Presenting our Day 1 Review of Assetto Corsa on the PS4 and Xbox One. Today has been a long time coming […]

  • f1 2016 review pc ps4 steam xbox one

    Day 1 F1 2016 Review – Should You Buy on the PC, PS4 or Xbox One?

    F1 2016 is out on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and we’re going to tell you whether or not the latest F1 title from Codemasters is worth your money.

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Wheel wobble and disconnect
[By Iron_Thread]
5 hours ago
Buying new wheel for Xbox/pc
[By TheSouthernWolf]
5 hours ago
27″ G-Sync Monitor
[By slottrak]
10 hours ago
FS – UK – Fanatec replacement snap action shifters
[By razorsimon]
13 hours ago


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  • anatec-csl-elite-pedals-lc-review